Best Lures To Catch More Fish At High Tide On Grass Flats

Do you find yourself often fishing at high tide?

What types of artificial lures do you choose for higher water?

There are a few lures that are excellent when fishing at high tide!

Find out what they are below!!!

Best Lures To Catch More Fish At High Tide On Grass Flats [VIDEO]

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Typically at high tide, most of the bait is up near the grass or mangroves trying to escape from predatory fish.

This causes the predatory fish to get up close to the shallows to patrol the edge of the grass lines, hold near underwater structure, or even sit a few feet into the grass.

Weight and Hooks

In these types of situations, a lighter weight on your hooks or jigheads will be best.

Areas you are fishing in high tide may be very shallow and a lighter weight will make for the ideal lure presentation.

Weedless applications work best for fishing high tide because the bait is in the grass and you may have to swim your lure near grass or other forms of structure.

By using lighter weight and a weedless hook, your lure will stay in the strike zone longer and prevent getting snagged on grass or structure.

Weedless hooks will also cause less commotion than larger jigheads along the banks and flats.

Lure Types

The best lures to use on high tide are:

  • Slam Shady 2.0 (paddletail minnow style lure)
  • Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad (Shrimp imitation)
  • Power Prawn (Shrimp imitation)
  • Weedless spoon or artificial crab lure (crab imitations)

These lures will best represent the types of bait predatory fish are hunting during this period of the tide cycle.

Aim to present your lures right next to grass and structure where those fish will be held up.

You should try to use the shrimp and crab lures right along the grass if not a couple of feet into the grass line.

Throw your lure into the grass line and then the next cast aim up along the bank and repeat this process along the banks to cover ground.

The Slam Shady 2.0 or minnow style lures are perfect for swimming in tidal areas with shallow water.


The main focus while fishing on high tide is covering the shoreline edges and areas with structure.

It can be easier to predict bait patterns at high tide which in turn reveal predatory fish behavior.

By having multiple artificial lure imitations, you will better equip yourself to catch more fish on high tides.

If you have any further questions about fishing on high tide, let me know down in the comments!

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C. Lance Weaver
2 years ago

Good info Richard,

Gary Vigel
2 years ago

What’s the best lures for fishing low tide?

Matthew Lanier
2 years ago

Good stuff Richard! Solid info!


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