The Best Online Saltwater Fishing Community Just Got Better

Wait…there are changes coming to the Salt Strong Online Fishing Community?

What could you change from the best online saltwater fishing community?

Our online community is getting a facelift!

What are the exciting new improvements coming to the Community?

If you want to see what’s in store for our Community, then check this out!

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Best Online Saltwater Fishing Community [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:21 – History of the Salt Strong Online Community
  • 5:25 – Regional and member-focused changes
  • 6:35 – Strike score changes
  • 9:28 – Topics, species, & feed features
  • 12:41 – Member-focused features
  • 15:07 – Trending lures & bait
  • 16:12 – Feed filters
  • 16:44 – The main map
  • 21:26 – Process for publishing a new fishing report
  • 27:04 – How do YOU get access to the new community?
  • 27:42 – Invite a friend to have limited access and test the community

Best Online Saltwater Fishing Community [VIDEO]

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The Salt Strong Online Community is the best online fishing community for saltwater anglers that want to catch more fish, stay up to date on trends, and make friends in the process.

New members, get excited for the transition to our new community format coming next year!

If you aren’t a member yet, this is the best time to join and check out what our new community has in store!

Do you have any questions about our Insider Community?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Jon Townsend
5 months ago

I am a Georgia member and would love to be a beta tester! I live in ATL but visit the GA coast and SC coast a lot along with others. This website has helped me a ton and it would be awesome to help with the beta!

David LaValley
5 months ago

I will beta test if you need a southern Keys checker, just break up the south Florida area a bit more. I don’t care what you are catching north of Miami if I am in Key West.

5 months ago

So if I understand this right, this new improved site is in the works but not up yet? My biggest problem has always been zeroing in on my area (Pine Island Sound) there are just so many reports from all over it feels impossible. I am a yearly renewal member and love what you do and the tackle discounts and special services but I have never been able to effectively use the community.

Lawrence Seigler
5 months ago
Reply to  Krs41

I’m w you, krs41. Looking forward to see this up next running.

Randal Gaskins
5 months ago

Awesome upgrades to the site guys! Can’t wait to use see it live.

Brandon Miller
5 months ago

I used to be part of FB group about 4-5 years ago when I heard of you two doing a crazy thing and then I left all social media (thank goodness). Life took over for a while but then got back with you guys this past year on SS and my wife has said we are renewing each year since fishing has helped me decompress after shifts at the FD and given me a great hobby! I’d be happy to beta if you still need people!

Tyson Dominy
5 months ago

The upgrades look great. Will you be able to add a photo to a private message?

Nick Pavone
5 months ago
Reply to  Tyson Dominy


Richard Hall
5 months ago

Love the upgrades guys

Chris Stanard
5 months ago

Wow! Can’t wait.

Amy Lombardo
5 months ago

It looks like the new community will be awesome. I like the planned changes.

Richard Fiorentino
5 months ago

Joe – great work. Suggestion – Assign a ‘mentor’ or two from each local area who puts out a report ( maybe bi-weekly) like Luke’s weekly report.

walt Beard
5 months ago

Excellent suggestion!!


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