The Best Single Inline Replacement Hooks For Topwater Lures

After the feedback from my last video, I wanted to highlight the best single inline replacement hooks for topwater lures.

In particular, we’re talking about the Salt Strong Moonwalker.

Weak hooks or treble hooks can cause you to lose fish or worse, cause more harm to you and the fish.

Find out more in the video below!!

Best Single Inline Replacement Hooks [VIDEO]

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NOTE: Before you read any further, you DO NOT have to replace the hooks that are already on the Moonwalker as it is shipped out to you. The hooks I mention below are a cheaper alternative for when you DO have to replace any single inline hooks on hard-body lures.

Last week, I sent out a tip showcasing the need to change out treble hooks for single inline hooks and have them facing the correct way.

So questions came in asking about the right hooks to use with the Salt Strong Moonwalker Topwater Lure.

Mustad Kaiju Single Inline Hooks

A cheaper but just as strong alternative for single replacement inline hooks is the 1/0 Mustad Kaiju Single Inline Hooks.

One thing you’ll notice just by looking at the hooks is that the Mustad hooks are a little bit thinner gauge.

The hooks that are on the Moonwalker come to us from Australia (where they go after strong, aggressive fish).

A disadvantage of thicker gauge hooks is you will have to use more power to dig the hook into the fish on the hookset.

Using a thinner gauge hook allows you to use less pressure on the hookset and it is less invasive to the fish’s mouth.

A smaller hole in the fish’s mouth means the hook will also stick better.

Moreover, you can get a whole pack of Mustad Kaiju hooks for the same price as ONE of the other Australian hooks.

Mustad Kaiju hooks have additional features to play to your advantage as well.

They have a needlepoint hook paired with a smaller barb.

The needlepoint won’t create a big hole in the fish’s lips so the hook can slip out.

Additionally, the wide gap between the hook point and shank plays into your hand.

Mustad also finishes their hooks with what they refer to as “Duratin” to help with corrosion resistance.

In addition to the hooks, you can also go ahead and change out any split rings that look corroded and rusted.

I recommend using Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings in the #4 size.

With the Hyper Wire Split Rings, you can change out the hooks multiple times and the split rings will not bend out of shape.


stop using treble hooks

If you’ve been crushing fish with the Moonwalker, it can be to your benefit to swap out the hooks.

You won’t have to worry about hooks failing you and you’ll have the best hooks for inshore fishing.

Do you have any more questions about the best single inline replacement hooks for hard-body lures?

Let me know what you think down in the comments!!

➡ Get Mustad Kaiju Single Inline Replacement Hooks

➡ Check out the Moonwalker Topwater Lure

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Chris L
7 months ago

Why do you put the back hook point up? It seems like you’d have more hook exposure if it was point down, since the weight of the hook will make it sink a little. This makes a larger effective gap if the point is down, and smaller gap if the point is up.

Daniel Fuentes
10 months ago

Great report. Just got my moon walker, can wait to try it out

Dwight Cassidy
1 year ago

What size hooks do you recommend for lures 21/2” long?

Stephen Brock
1 year ago

What size do U recommend for the superspook and what direction do U put the center hook? Are all three replacement hooks the same size? Thanks Pat

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Good stuff Pat

Steven Free
1 year ago

I have also found the owner inlines as well as the VMCs are great inlines as well I just primarily stick with what I can find I usually buy mine at strike zone fishing here in Jacksonville FL where I live and fish the only other place that seems to sell inlines is academy sports but I live pretty far from the nearest one and strikezone is only about 10min from my work so sometimes after work I pick some up but I have found that either t g e vmcs or the owners are not the same in sizes one of them I can’t remember wich one both the size one and the 1 ought is smaller in size then the other I guess it’s just a manufacturer thing kinda Luke buying the same kind of pants but from different companies where the same size is different in comparison to different companies anyways like I told you in your last tip on inlines I have switched over to them from trembles a few years back on ALL my hard baits wether they be topwaters or subsurface or even deep diving crankbaits wich by the way work great for all inshore fish if used right thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Jelani Thornton
1 year ago


Ronald H Mattson
1 year ago

Thank You Pat for the very informative info regarding the in-line hooks for topwater lures and their split ring sizes. Having fished topwater lures for striped bass for a longtime and found that using front single hooks decrease the hookup ratio dramatically vs trebles I use trebles on the front when fishing striped bass. This could be due to striped bass almost exclusively attack the front of lures.

Rob S
1 year ago

Helpful info, Pat!! For earlier versions of the Moonwalker that did not come with Mustad Kaiju hooks, is this a suitable replacement given they are heavier than what came on those? It also sounds like future Moonwalkers should come with these hooks given the advantages cited as well lower cost.

Garrett Boykin
1 year ago

Pat have you used the VMC inline replacement hooks on the moonwalker? I have been using the VMC coastal black (CB) with phenomenal results. Best part is they don’t rust after a few uses like the owner inline hooks and come in higher count per package. I plan on picking up a pack of Mustad Kaiju Single Inline Hooks to give them a try. Thanks for the tips.


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