2 Of The Best Summer Lures & How To Retrieve Them

What are the best summer lures and how should you retrieve them to get the most strikes?

In the HEAT of summer, it can be a huge challenge to trigger bites from predatory fish.

It’s hot and they feel it too.

Below are the top lure options and retrieval methods to get the most bites!!

Best Summer Lures & How To Retrieve Them [VIDEO]

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The Best Retrieves

First, cast the lure out and let it fall to the bottom, and leave it there.

Typically in the spring and fall, I’ll make use of the twitch-twitch-pause retrieve or a constant hop and retrieve.

But when the water heats up in the summertime and the fish slow down, so should your retrieve.

Slow it down and basically just crawl the lure along the bottom.

These fish don’t want to chase down bait as their metabolism slows in the summer.

Top Lure Options

Downsize your lures!

By that I mean use smaller lures rather than the 4 or 5-inch options.

Lures that are 3.5 inches and below are ideal for summertime fishing.

Hook choice depends on the depth you are fishing.

The Power Prawn USA Junior is always with me in the summertime.

Other options I rely on in the summer are lures with a straight tail like any of our jerk shads.

Our jerk shads are 5 inches, however, I will cut them down to 4 inches if I feel that I’m not getting many bites.

Without the tail of paddletail lures, this setup will stay down on the bottom and avoid spooking off sensitive fish.

Also, you can fish tight to docks and cast under mangroves with this setup.

➡Start Catching MORE fish in LESS time!

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Tom Annunziata
3 months ago

Thanks for the information. I will try those slower movements

Kenneth Laube
3 months ago

Pat, you mentioned cutting down the jerk shad from 5” to 4”. Do you cut the tail shorter? Thanks. Oh, I just dyed a couple tails on the shrimp like your video.

Matt Pfeiffer
3 months ago

Great info, thanks Pat!

Matthew Germuth
3 months ago

I’ll give some soft plastic jerk baits this week. Thanks for the tips!

Bertha Perez
3 months ago

awsome tips

Paul Blanchard
3 months ago

Thanks for the tips. Will try this next time on the water

Ronald Peedin
3 months ago

will try this

Al Wiedemann
3 months ago

Thanks Pat!

Carl Terhune
3 months ago

As an almost beginner I really appreciate the info

donald wagers
3 months ago

maybe the area, most is Florida, Mississippi has hot water


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