Circle Hooks VS J-Hooks (What Should You Use With Live Bait?)


Circle hooks vs J-hooks – when should you choose one over the other?

Both of these hooks are best used when fishing with live bait, however, there are definitely situations where you would want to pick one over the other.

Check out the video below for more!!

Circle Hooks VS J-Hooks [VIDEO]

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These tips apply if you are fishing with either live or cut bait.

Remember, that with circle hooks, you don’t HAVE to set the hook aggressively.

Circle hooks are best if you are setting the rod down in a rod holder, just casually fishing, or you are fishing with inexperienced anglers.

The fish does all the work to get itself hooked in the corner of its mouth.

The point of a circle hook faces in toward the shank of the hook as opposed to a J-hook where the hook point faces up.

J-hooks are better suited if you are actively fishing.

This means you have the rod in your hands the entire time.

So then when a fish strikes a J-hook, you can set the hook on time and fight the fish.

If you use a J-hook and sit it down in a rod holder, you risk gut-hooking fish and causing further harm.

J-hooks must be used when you are actively fishing.

Circle hooks are always the safe way to go!!

Do you have any questions about Circle hooks vs J-hooks?

What other questions do you have about terminal tackle for live bait?

Let me know in the comments section below this article!

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Sotirios Kolofotias
1 year ago

When is better use shorter or longer hooks?

Mark R Johnson
1 year ago

Check local regulations. Some states require a certain hook when fishing with live bait or cut bait. Some states also limit the number of hooks per rod and may limit the number of rods you can fish with.

Daniel Peña III
1 year ago

Excellent advice Tony! I have a few rods set up with circle hooks only for whenever I take my nephews or newbies on my boat making it a nice fishing day for everyone. Be safe brother.


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