FG Knot Flaws: 3 Critical Times You Should NOT Use This Fishing Knot!


It’s FG Knot time again!

Yep… the braid-to-leader knot that has continually shined bright in our fishing knot strength contests is back…

But this time it’s to address some problems with the FG Knot.

Here’s the deal:

Now that our original “Fastest Way To Tie The FG Knot” has over 2,000,000 views, we’ve heard from many anglers who have had some issues with this knot.

In particular…

  • That the FG Knot doesn’t work well with certain fishing lines (true – see 0:29 mark in video below)
  • That the FG Knot doesn’t work well when the mono/fluoro is weaker than the braid (true – see 0:54 mark in video below)
  • That the FG Knot was responsible for losing a lure because the knot was cast through the guides (true- see 2:04 mark video below)

Here’s the specifics behind the three core issues that anglers have been having with this great braid to leader knot.


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Have you had any other issues tying the FG Knot?

Let us know the comments.

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Thomas Simone
5 months ago

Great videos. I use the FG regularly now thanks to this instruction. I have noticed that the near end of my FG (opposite end from the lure facing first coil) the braid tag begins to fray and stick out, getting caught in my micro guides during a retrieve. Any idea how I could avoid this?

3 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Simone

Don’t have the knot go over the guides like Luke says in the video.

George Finn
8 months ago

I have a solution to the FG knot slipping off when you cast through the eyelets.

Put a simple overhand knot into the leader and tie at least 2 to 4 FG turns above that knot.
Then continue the FG turns below the overhand knot as normal and VOILA! this will never slip off.

You might even be able to get away with fewer FG Turns in total?

Sure, this increases the profile a bit but I’m wondering if the trade off of friction.

What say you purists?

Luke Earls
1 year ago

I’ve always used the uni to uni aka double uni knot to tie my mono backing line to braid but given that its a bulkier knot would the fg knot be a good option? Any thoughts on it….i cant find answers to this idea of switching over and whether its better at minimizinf potential snags if line got close to the mono on that monster catch.

Norman Oleson
1 year ago

Another very very useful video. Tthis video is a must view companion with your most recent video on how to tie the FG knot in a minute . . . even on the water.

johan Mukhalis
1 year ago

To reduce wear, What about dressing the knot with crazy glue?

Anyone test this?

1 year ago

Dear Salt Strong

Thank you for your FG knot videos. They have been very helpful in my journey to master the knot.

I thought you might be interested to know I actually have had great success in using the FG knot to join heavier line to lighter fluorocarbon. In fact, it helped me solve a problem.

I started using a couple of Japanese-made 6lb fluorocarbon as trace for trout trolling and some ultra light tackle estuary fishing, solely for the reduced visibility. The performance of this 6lb fluorocarbon with standard trace knots was shocking, and I had a couple of failures. So I tried the FG knot and it works brilliantly. It is generally V Hard or FC Rock 6lb fluorocarbon to either 4lb Fireline (which is actually much stronger than 4lb) or 10lb Shimano braid.



tyler david
1 year ago

I’ve been using the FG knot to run to lighter leader line say 30lb braid to 20lb flouro, 15lb braid to 8lb flouro, etc. Most pros in bass fishing do the same.

I don’t think its as essential to have a heavier leader line as you think. Maybe this is a salt water thing, idk.

Another thing, I cast through my guides endlessly – I generally don’t have to re-tie unless the leader is damaged.

I am yet to FG to mono though, which may be where people are having issues. I don’t love the stretch in mono, I find it gets in the way of the locking process.

Last edited 1 year ago by tyler david
1 year ago
Reply to  tyler david

I find the FG knot works better in mono! Mono is softer and the knot bites in better.

The FG works acceptably well in fluorocarbon (better than anything else) but definitely works better in mono.

Fluorocarbon has horrible handling qualities and hates being knotted.

Through very basic knotting and breakage experiments at home, usually with light or very light lines, I’ve found fluorocarbon is frightening weak with all trace knots except the FG knot. The FG knot is the only knot I will trust with fluorocarbon.

I actually hate fluorocarbon and will only use it when I think the reduced visibility is very important. Otherwise I stick happily to mono.



John Whittemore
2 years ago

Really wanted to love this knot. It works great right up till it doesn’t, always breaking at the knot. Appreciate info on these flaws. But for me this knot falls into the annoying category, and I’m not looking for anything annoying when I’m fishing, or doing anything else for that matter.

Dan McKenzie
2 years ago

Larger Mono/fluro is a key. I have never been able to put 15/20 pound brad to 8/12 mono. Knot breaks when you try to tighten it down. Thought it was me. When I used 20lb/30lb leader, no problem tying using any method.

Angelo Masullo
2 years ago

Great video! I learned something new. I knew about the mono or fluoro to braid and heavier mono or fluoro to braid, but I never thought about the potential wear of the knot going through the guides. That’s something to consider I any knot.




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