How To Catch Fish In A New Area With Popping Corks [Fishing Report]


It’s THIS easy to catch fish in a new area with popping corks!!!

Popping corks are so useful and extremely handy on inshore fishing trips.

Learn more in the video below!!

Catch Fish In A New Area With Popping Corks [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

On this trip, I rigged a live shrimp on a Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead and fished that underneath a popping cork.

All I did to rig the shrimp was slide the hook through the horn of the shrimp and out the other side, but be careful not to hit the brain and kill the shrimp.

Since the fish were hugging so tight to the grass line, I figured a popping cork and some shrimp would be the ticket to call them out and strike.

At one point, out of nowhere, the fish I was fighting jumped out of the water, into my kayak, and over the other side nearly knocking my camera down with it.

Of course, it was a juvenile tarpon!

But I was NOT expecting that at all.

As the day went on, I started using the Gold Digger Paddletail underneath the popping cork.

I also hooked into a second juvenile tarpon on the Gold Digger lure so they were interested in the pop from the cork as well.


Get yourself some live shrimp and popping corks and you’ll crush it this fall!!

If you run out of shrimp, you can always throw a 2.0 paddletail on too.

Do you have any additional questions about any of the gear I was using or the tactics on this trip?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below!!

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J.T. Carricato
3 months ago

Popping corks are one of the go-to rigs in South Carolina with murky water, especially on colder days to trigger a bite. Great post!

Terry McLaughlin
3 months ago

Thanks Matt. I will definitely keep this video in mind next trip. Haven’t used a popping cork very much in the past but will definitely start. Never thought of using artificial. Thanks

Steven Free
3 months ago

You guys are always saying how much better your saltstrong lures are better then live bait so why didn’t you mention your famed jr power prawn although I have never really done well at all on popping corks with anything shrimp paddletails or whatever so unfortunatly for me your statement it’s easy catching with popping corks is one and maybe a few more people’s opinion for it is defiantly not mine anyways thanks for your opinion and all you do


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