How To Rig A Popping Cork The RIGHT Way


Here’s how to rig a popping cork the RIGHT way…

Lately, the popping cork has been extremely kind to me and has brought me tremendous success.

Popping corks are a huge weapon for you during this seasonal transition period.

Check it out!!

Rig A Popping Cork The RIGHT Way [VIDEO]

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Starting at the top with your mainline, tie the braid to the leader material using your connection knot of choice.

I prefer to use a double-uni knot as my braid-leader connection.

30lb monofilament leader of about 6-8 inches is what you should be using.

Also, including a piece of leader above the cork is extremely important and it is often overlooked.

It prevents the braid from getting twisted and looped around the cork which would completely ruin your presentation.

You then have the popping cork itself followed by another piece of leader material.

The knot used to secure the leader to either side of the cork is a snug knot to maintain a strong link.

Furthermore, the length of the leader underneath the cork is dependent upon the depth you’re fishing.

If you are fishing in some deeper water, you can get away with a longer leader.

At the end of this system is your lure tied onto the leader using a specific knot.

You want to use a loop-knot to link the lure and the popping cork system so the lure can swing freely and enhance its overall action.

Quick note, I use the cup-shaped popping cork in the fall to create more commotion and noise that’s needed to attract strikes.

The oval-shaped cork is great all year round but the cup-shape excels in the fall.

Lures To Use With A Popping Cork

Lately, any of the 2.0-size paddletail lures we carry in the Salt Strong shop have been phenomenal under the popping cork.

Most notably the F.R.E.D. paddletail on the Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead.

Jighead weight will depend on the depth you’re fishing but more importantly, it will depend on the current speed.

Heavier jigheads let you get down in the current and are able to stay in the strike zone longer.

Another lure that dazzles underneath popping corks is the Power Prawn USA Junior.

This lure rigged on the Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead is a deadly combination on the popping cork.

Moving onto bigger profiles with heavier jigheads, the Slam Shady BOMBER rigged on the Z-Man Redfish Eye Jighead is also an excellent lure to use on a popping cork.

If you are using larger profile lures, then you want to up the size of your jigheads.

Longer shank hooks allow for better hook placement in larger lures.


Popping corks are a MUST in your tackle box, especially for this fall!!

The additional commotion and action created by popping corks simulate fish crashing and eating bait which sparks a feeding frenzy!

What other questions do you have about popping cork systems?

Let me know down in the comments!!

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Luke Simonds
3 months ago

Great tips Matt!

Fred cissel
3 months ago

Great iinfo on popping cork

Robert Dinkins III
3 months ago

Thanks Matt in the yak
I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. A mono leader above the cork will solve the main aggravation I get with my braid wrapping around the wire on the cork. Great tip!!

Rick Daniel
3 months ago

Nice report, love your passion in the presentation and when getting tight lines! 💪🏼

Kermit Molleur
3 months ago

Hey Matt! Thoroughly enjoy your reports sir!!
and this tip on rigging is no different.
Wanted to ask how you felt about bobber stops?
Here on SC coast big tide swings which is a challenge to keep consistent depths

Jonathan stefan
3 months ago

I make sure to have a popping cork tied on for EVERY trip! It is my MOST productive setup lately!

Joe Rappa
3 months ago

Thanks for the timely info. I tied one up for the 1st time last weekend to try on striper and it worked great. I used a weighted hook instead of a jig head. My hook up ratio might improve with the more exposed jig head hook though. I did use the same braid to mono to cork and then leader.

Mike D
3 months ago

Great information Matt. I have not used corks yet so will have to try next time out. I like when fish want to be caught so bad, they jump in the boat. 🙂

Neal Hagood
3 months ago

What rod specs do you find best suited for chunkin’ the popping corks?
At least 1 or 2 of those 8 rods ought to do it, right? 😉

Tony Fleck
3 months ago
Reply to  Neal Hagood

Curious about your thoughts on this as well Matt. Would a medium power moderate action rod be suitable?

Alan Thomas
3 months ago

Thanks Matt for the excellent tips on using the Popping cork. I have several but have not used them, your report and instruction will help me make sure I am using them correctly.


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