Fishing Live Shrimp For Beginners

You simply can’t go wrong with rigging live shrimp on a hook for inshore saltwater fishing!

It’s so easy even kids can do it (as you’ll see with young Shauna catching lots of snapper in this video).

Everything eats a shrimp so this is a fantastic method for quick tight lines for all beginner anglers or those looking to help their kids catch a fish.

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Fishing With Live Shrimp For Beginners [VIDEO]

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Tying The Rig

In most cases, the majority of strikes will come right at the bottom or close to it.

All you need for this simple shrimp rig is a 20lb Monofilament leader going down to a circle hook, with a split-shot weight, and live shrimp.

You want enough weight to keep the shrimp on the bottom but still light enough for the current to move it along the shoreline.

To start, tie a snug knot with the leader and circle hook.

For this video, I made use of the Orvis Knot which is a super strong and small snug knot.

The split shot should go about 10-12 inches up from the hook.

Whether you are fishing with experienced anglers or children, you should always be using circle hooks.

If for whatever reason, you are not looking or holding the rod and a fish takes the hook, it won’t become gut-hooked with a circle hook.

The fish will end up hooking itself in the corner of its mouth.

That is not the case with other traditional hook styles.

Rigging Live Shrimp

If you look closely at the shrimp’s head, you can see the darker material in its head which is its brain.

You want to slide the hook in between the brain and the eyes but underneath the spine on top.

This will hold the shrimp tight to the hook without injuring the shrimp.

The goal is to keep the shrimp’s appearance as natural as possible.

In the water, the shrimp will have a free range of motion enhancing the overall appeal to predatory fish.

And when hooked this way, shrimp stay alive on the hook for a very long time.

Casting & Fishing Live Shrimp

I knew there was a deeper trough with fallen tree limbs and other structure in front of us on this day.

Our objective was to get our baits down low to the structure while also using the current to make a sweep over the entire trough.

I purposefully cast a bit more to the right to let the current take the shrimp from right to left.


Kids Fishing

So easy, even a kid can do it!!

Live shrimp is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get tight lines and FAST!

Everything out there eats shrimp so if you ever want to take your kids fishing, pick up some shrimp!

Oh, and be sure to use circle hooks when fishing with live bait – it’s safer for you and for the fish!!

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Mark Ethridge
1 year ago

Great info for taking a kid fishing or an adult. The smiles and excitement make it special.


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