Foolproof Way To Catch Tons Of Fish – FAST!

In this video, I’ll show you a FOOLPROOF way to catch fish and FAST!

This is a common method of fishing used by generations of fishermen.

But lately, it’s lost its popularity.

Find out more here!!

Foolproof Way To Catch Tons Of Fish [VIDEO]

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We’re talking about TROLLING.

No matter the species you’re targeting, you can catch anything from nearshore cobia and grouper to inshore redfish and trout while trolling.

You really just need to be looking for these fish in the right areas with the right equipment.

Typically, we think of trolling in deeper zones near ledges, drop-offs, and channels.

These are popular trolling structures because there are fewer intrusions to cause snags.

Your focus should be on the type of lure you are using as well as the weight of the jighead or hook.

That has a major impact on the depth you’re fishing.

Trolling Tackle & Gear

When trolling near deeper zones, you can get away with using an open-faced jighead.

Depth is a huge factor in trolling.

A 1/8 oz. Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead is perfect for trolling from your kayak or other smaller vessel in the 1-3 feet range.

Our 3.5-inch 2.0 series of paddletail lures is the best pairing for this application as well.

If you do bump up the size of your lure to any of our 5-inch lures, then the Redfish Eye Jighead in the same weight is best.

Moreover, if you are fishing anywhere from 3-6 feet of water, you’ll want to go up to a 3/16 oz.

Slightly more weight will help your lure get down to where those fish are staged.

When it comes to fishing in deeper water than 6 feet, anything heavier than 1/4 oz. is the way to go.

You can bump it up to a higher weight depending on where you’re fishing.

When it comes to boats and fishing from larger vessels, I would bump everything up a size.

For the 1-3 foot range, it is best to start out with a 3/16 oz. jighead.

Then when it comes to the 3-6 foot range, go for a 1/4 oz. jighead and anything deeper than that a 1/2 oz. or heavier is best.

These weights are what you need to get your lure down to the strike zone from a boat.

Another thing to note is if you are targeting kingfish or other nearshore species, it can be in your favor to use a wire leader.

That way these fish can’t cut through your line once you hook up.

Trolling Speeds

When you are trolling from a kayak, you want to be in that 2 to 2.5 mph range.

That’s slow enough for fish to dial in on your bait and allow you to set the hook.

If you’re fishing in a boat, you probably won’t be able to go as slow as kayak anglers.

But, that’s why you use heavier tackle when trolling from a boat.

Fishing Rod Positioning

If you have your fishing rod in a rod holder, you need to make sure the drag is properly set.

Your drag should be set so if a fish bites the lure, it will get stuck in the hook without pulling the rod out of the holder.

The last thing you want is to have your drag too tight and then a big fish comes along and steals all your gear.

You can also hold the rod in your hands and wait for a strike that way.

Furthermore, I’ve even been out trolling with a popping cork and found lots of success.

It is a perfect way to control the depth of your lure and keep it in a desired portion of the water column.


There are reasons why trolling has been a trusted method for anglers for decades.

It gets results!!!

If you’re having a slow day or unsure of what tactics to use, you can never go wrong trolling with the Slam Shady 2.0!

Do you have any more questions about this foolproof way to catch fish?

Let me know in the comments section below this article!

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David Morrisette
1 year ago

I’m the trolling queen! Caught my first bull red by trolling and I’ve caught lots of really good fish doing it too!

David Morrisette
1 year ago

Also, this is David’s wife Tammi. LOL He’s not a queen!

Orrin Cummins
1 year ago

Do you find yourself getting tired trolling in the kayak? Seems like a lot of paddling. Growing up fishing with my grandfather, in the winter months we mostly just trolled the bay and caught some beastly specks that way. I was thinking about trying it with yak too (since that’s all I’ve got at the moment), but I’ll have to see if I have the stamina for it, especially if there’s a moderate wind blowing at the time. I guess there’s no rule saying I have to stay out there for hours at a time though, especially since I have the convenience of launching from my backyard.

1 year ago

I had already rigged a Donkey Rig for the Alabama Leprechan. Should work for power prawn as well. I have only a small assortment of jigs i.e. Trout Eye and assassin plus a few cheapies I got from Turners Outdoors. I assume the Hoss Helix or Owner Twist Locks could be changed for a deeper presentation and vertical action by sliding the weight towards the eye? If not, I may buy the football head or Zman Mags

William Clifford
1 year ago

Good tips on which jig heads to use, I usually am tolling in my kayak to and from boat landing.

1 year ago

Thanks for the video. I need to try it on my kayak. There are plenty of areas here in the obx where it should work well. Admiring your net also. What brand/model is it? I have an old fabric folding net but the netting is not rubber and hooks and fish get all hung up in it. Also, catch a few fish in it and it hangs on to the fish smell pretty good. Wheeeew.

1 year ago
Reply to  Matthew Lanier

Matt, what kind of net was that on your kayak?

1 year ago
Reply to  Matthew Lanier

Thanks so much!

Braderick Krull
1 year ago

I thought you were going to say dynamite. But yeah trolling is a good idea as well; not as cool, but ok.

I try to freeline a mullet from the back of the kayak and let him swim around. Its somewhat disheartening to catch a fish this way as it invalidates every technique I’m fumbling around with in the front. But I’ll take it.

Amber Lincoln
1 year ago

Great info! Yak trolling is my fav way to catch. Really appreciate your tips & info!!

Steven Free
1 year ago

I agree and disagree I agree that trolling is very productive in fact during winter that’s the primary way I fish about 90 percent of the time in fact of you have ever read my winter posts you would see that I troll most of the time in winter but like all things that mankind does its NOT a guarantee nothing is in this world except death and taxes that’s where I disagree because sometimes you do everything right and you catch fish easily and some days you don’t that’s why they call it fishing and not catching anyways just saying all you saltstrong coaches say it’s all guaranteed but it’s really not I have met guys that just don’t have the fishing knowledge to constantly catch fish on a regular basis you guys make it look easy well I usually do pretty good but I don’t fish everyday like you coaches do at saltstrong of I did I probably would be just as good because the one saying that holds true and never changes is practice makes perfect or at least mostly perfect anyways you get my meaning thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Tommy Powers
1 year ago

I almost always troll when I’m moving spots on the kayak. Especially in deeper/open water. If something hits, you might find a new spot.

Frank Hunnes
1 year ago

Yup trolling works but I think it’s boring and lazy. Sorry! Ha, ha!!


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