From Twitch to Tweaker [My Favorite Spring Lure Has A NEW Name!]

Why’d we change it from the Twitch to Tweaker???

As of late, this lure has absolutely crushed all sorts of inshore saltwater fish.

It’s quickly become my favorite lure for these early days of spring.

It’s now the Polk County TWEAKER!!!

From Twitch to Tweaker [VIDEO]

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On a recent trip, we were talking about the lures benefits and its unique darting motion.

That got us thinking.

It looks more like a TWEAKER bouncing and darting all around.

Not to mention, the true definition of tweaker is to make things better.

The Tweaker stems from two tried and true soft plastic jerk lures that have been around for some time.

The 5-inch jerk shad with a fluke tail and the 3-inch darting jerk lure.

We took these concepts and enhanced them in the Tweaker.

It is a streamlined lure with a pointed tail.

These lures cast far with the same dimpled-skin as the Mulligan and are available in all of our proprietary lure colors.

You can get a sample pack of all the colors as well!

Be sure to get your order in HERE – it’s the only place you will find these lures!

If you have any questions about the TWEAKER, let me know down in the comments.


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Arto Van grondelle
2 months ago

WOW, refund if it isn’t good 🙂 that’s impressive and convincing. i will try it👍

Paul Huchro Jr
2 months ago

That’s hilarious as the name implies an individual under heavy influence of “hardcore” recreational drugs.

As from “Up-da-Camp,” I have heard and seen many fly patterns with “funny/promiscuous/”druggie” names which your “Tweaker” term reminds me of. (No offense is intended)

As a newbie member, I plan to learn as much as I can with new “species” as I no longer reside in “Up-da-Camp” but now I’m a resident of “Down-da-Camp.” 😉😁🤠

PS I can’t find that “little” white lure that you (Salt Strong brand) that is maybe 3 inches and doesn’t dive deep & using 2 inline hooks. Wouldn’t you still have it? Thanks.

Last edited 2 months ago by Paul Huchro Jr
Nathan Forrest
2 months ago

LOL! Love the name

Ted Milller
2 months ago

Can’t wait to try them got sample pack 2 more weeks then Sarasota bound

Jon Fortune
2 months ago

Looks like great lure. Other than the tweaker casting further, what is the difference between tweaker and little John? Have you had opportunity to do a comparison? Thanks

Jon Fortune
2 months ago
Reply to  Jon Fortune

Sorry I didn’t see the end of the video! Easier to rig twist lock !

Neal Hagood
2 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I would also add that the Tweaker is a softer, more flexible material than the Lil John, which is a thicker/stiffer material. I am hoping that this will add a bit of wiggle and a softer feel in the fishes mouth!

Jon Fortune
2 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thank you!

Thomas Utley
2 months ago

Another very good video Luke; just received my order yesterday and these are awesome looking lures and now I can hardly wait to get on the water to try them for myself… I am excited about using the. Up here in the north eastern part of Florida in the Jacksonville area and I know the fish goons kill them and they should also work well in the St Augustine area where we fish the creeks and oyster bar like we do up in Jacksonville…. Can’t wait to try them … Job well done Luke …… !

Mike justice
2 months ago

I believe the tweaker is going to stand on its own by itself mike justice

2 months ago

….2 more bags just got here in the mailbox 👍

Last edited 2 months ago by DAVE PERSON
Mark R Johnson
2 months ago

Are they going to be available in the 100 pack?

Steven Free
2 months ago

Didn’t watch the video but I guess the reason you called it the Polk county tweeker is because Tampa Bay area is located on Polk County? Never really paid attention been down south to Tampa before and although it’s a beautiful area it’s just to darn hot for this Michigan raised yankee jacksonville is hot enough but when I took a trip to clear water in 2012 to visit my then girlfriends mother and got out of the car onto the pavement my sandles literally melted half way through into the asphalt and this was only in early May not the dead of summer!!! So no thanks you can have that town if I want it that hot I’ll just stop believing in Jesus and im sure the devil will oblige because to me hell is the only place hotter then there but as far as the tweeker I bought 4 of your sample packs with the hooks haven’t tried them yet on the acct in your rigging and using video for them you mentioned they are better when it’s used in calm conditions and the water is clearer well the spring here in jax fl and winter is the only time it’s a bit more clear but recently even though the temps have warmed considerably it’s been very windy so I’m just waiting for it to calm down some really though truthfully they look just like the worms used for freshwater bass fishing called the senko and they have been out for quite a while anyways never used one of those but they sure look like them pretty much spot on anyways im sure they will work we will have to just wait and see thanks for the info and all you do 👍😀


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