How To Catch Redfish In A New Area [Fishing Report]


Do you know how to catch redfish in a new area?

What are the best techniques for fishing in a new area?

If you want to know how to approach fishing a new area for redfish, seatrout, or snook, then check this out!

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How To Catch Redfish

Depending on the time of year, it can be beneficial to wait for the sun to rise a bit and warm up the water before heading out to fish.

This is especially relevant in the winter months because the fish will creep into the shallows after the water has warmed up once the sun has risen.

Additionally, it is smart to look for points, coves, or cuts that may be holding fish.

Points, coves, or cuts are generally areas fish will wait to ambush prey swimming by.

If there is no action close to the shoreline, the fish most likely have pushed out into deeper depths where temperatures will stabilize.

How To Catch Redfish [VIDEO]

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Fishing new areas can be challenging but if you apply the same techniques you know and stay up to date on current trends, you can locate areas that are holding fish.

Be sure to look out for notable areas like points, coves, cuts, or ledges that may hold structure or provide safety for fish to feel comfortable.

Remember, it is always fun to catch fish in the same spot but fish move!!

Try to get out and try new spots to expand your fishing knowledge and find where the fish are!!!

Do you have any more questions on how to catch redfish in a new area?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Harvey Kelley
10 months ago

I’m interested in the type of boat and equipment Tony is fishing from? I would like to upgrade and have an option other than my Hobie kayak.
Thanks in advance, Harvey

Joseph Falzone
10 months ago

Question: I have this one spot that I fish pretty regularly. It has all the signs of being a good spot. But never had much luck there. Could I be missing something here ?

Wyatt Parcel
11 months ago

If there’s one man for the job when it comes to finding out if there’s redfish in an area or not… count on BIG TONY to find ’em! Nice work!


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