If The Speckled Trout Aren’t Biting, Try This Sneaky Trick

By: Joseph Simonds on July 16, 2019
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how to catch inshore trout on artificials

Topwater lures are for working across the surface…

Soft plastics are for bouncing off the bottom…

And suspending twitchbaits are for working just below the surface…

But sometimes, using a lure the way it’s intended to be used just isn’t bringing fish in the boat.

So what do you do?

You switch it up!

Watch the video below to see how Capt. Leiza Fitgerald saw how the baitfish were behaving and changed the way she was retrieving her lure to catch more fish.


Sneaky Trick For Speckled Trout [VIDEO]

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Be The Bait To Catch The Fish

Imagine you’re a trout for a second…

You’ve been eating glass minnows in the bottom of the water column all morning.

Then you see this glass minnow-looking thing twitch through the water over your head in the top of the water column.

Are you going to eat it?

Well, considering you’ve been eating in the bottom of the water column all day, and there’s something slightly off about the thing twitching above, you probably won’t.

But then a glass minnow-looking thing floats along with the current in the bottom of the water column right next to all the other glass minnows you’ve been eating.

You see a twitch, you think it’s probably injured and BOOM!

You smash it.

Ok, stop imagining you’re the trout now, you don’t want to imagine hooks in your mouth.

But in all seriousness, do you see how important it is to make your lure look like the bait the fish are already eating?

If you do that, then, like Leiza in the video, you can get fish to bite when they seem to just not be interested.


leiza fitzgerald trout

Whenever you’re out on the water, think about what the fish are looking for.

That will help you catch more fish (even when other people aren’t).

And if you enjoyed this video, you’ll love Leiza’s Inshore Fishing 101 course.

Many people like to be taught by someone they identify with.

For example, men often like to be taught by men.

And women often like to be taught by women.

So we went out and partnered with Capt. Leiza to help teach women how to catch more fish.

The course is free for our Insider Members (you can join here), or you can get the course here.

Have any questions about fishing with artificial lures?

Let us know in the comments below!

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P.S. You can get Inshore Fishing 101 (For Women) here.

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Always let the fish tell you what retrieve will work best.
It took a long time for me to learn that lesson.

Raleigh Thomas

That is a great tip! As others have said, I have ‘dead-sticked’ soft plastics, especially Gulp shrimp and crabs, but not hard plastics. Very slick!
And I have replaced almost all of the hooks ( as $$ allows, I have TONS of lures )on my hard lures with inline singles. Less weed pickup, hookup rate almost as good, most important STELLAR retention and zero straightened hooks! Much easier release and less damage to the fish as a huge side benefit. Tight lines!

Steven Free

Great vid Capt Leiza never thought about that before although i have read several articles from fl sportsman mag about letting your jigs run with the tide instead of retrieving them let the sink to the bottom and like you said keep a tight line just enough to get the slack out of it and to also feel the strike better I have tried that with a little luck but not the hard twitchbaits tactic you were demonstrating but I am going to try it next time out I have gotten my girlfriend to fish with me when she can we both have the weekends off so we usually go on a sat again thanks for the info😁

Johnson Hagood

great tip but what about treble hooks v. inline circle hooks?

Steven Free

Trebles snag more but hook a little more as well I switched to all in lines on all my hardbaits and found that they are a bit more seedless now and yes with only 2 hooks versus 6 you won’t hook quite as much but I also found out if you let them have it just a second longer they seem to be hooked better plus in lines are easier on the fish and releasing is easier as well I hope this helps good luck😁

Steven Free

Oh also never use circle hooks on lures because a circle hook you don’t set the hook it sets itself all you do is when you feel the bite you just start reeling otherwise you will pull the hook away from the fish before it has a chance to really engulf it in other words circle hooks are better for live and dead bait

Robbie Johnson

Never thought of that pattern thanks I power fish to much 🤗

Tom Watts

Capt. Leiza, What a great idea. Thanks, Tom Watts, Naples, Fl.

Phillip Butler

Thanks for the tip


Thanks for the tip

Kevin Steinke

Excellent! Thank you