How To Catch Big Redfish At The Jetties (Setup and Target Zones)

We’re jetty fishing for bull redfish!!

If you want to target redfish both in the channel and outside the jetty beachside, then you’ll want to hear these tips!

In this new video, you’ll learn tactics for positioning, bait placement, and more.

Check it out below!

How To Catch Big Redfish At The Jetties [VIDEO]

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Here’s a breakdown of tactics that you can use to be successful at the jetties:

Jetty Fishing Tactics For Redfish

The first day was more of a scouting day to figure out where fish would be held up and what side of the jetty they would be sitting in (either beachside or in the shipping channel).

Initially, I wanted to fish the incoming tide on the beachside of the jetty to see if there was any action before trying to fish the shipping channel side.

Using a finger mullet, I hooked one small under-slot redfish using a circle hook on the beachside.

Fishing The Shipping Channel Off The Rocks

Then the tide changed so it was time to switch things up!

After the outgoing tide began, I knew there would be a nice current bringing bait around the jetty on the shipping channel side through those eddies and holes along the rocks.

And before getting completely set up, there was a bend in the rod and a big redfish on the line.

(In fact, it flipped my cart over!)

You’ve always got to stay on your toes with the big bulls lurking up the channel!

Another tip to avoid potentially losing your gear to a strong fish (when you aren’t fully paying attention) is to set the drag a tad looser.

This way the fish can run with the hook and you have time to get to the rod quickly and fight the fish.

On the shipping side, I used cut thread-fin herring.

(Menhaden is the bait of choice but the tackle shop did not have any left.)

Using herring can be a bit more challenging due to lack of smell and if the conditions are not favorable (dirty water).

If the fish are relying on the smell, that could also decrease the chances of enticing a big fish, but for these trips, the water was very clear.

Catching Redfish At The Same Spot (Next Day)

The next day, I came back to fish nearly the exact same conditions on the outgoing tide.

This time there was menhaden available and within no time the reds were all over it!

The current was ripping a bit more and after losing a couple of rigs and trying different things, I was able to connect on another nice redfish before the weight even hit the bottom.

Here are the detailed instructions for making the rigs I used in this video:


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fwc fishing pier and jetty finder

Fishing the jetties can be super productive but the truth is: there can be more to it than just setting up and tossing a line out.

There are certain approaches and techniques in finding those eddies to get your bait in the perfect strike zone.

Using the right bait size as well as positioning yourself in the best spots can produce great results and help you reel in BIG redfish!

Want to know the different types of rigs used?

Have you had success with these techniques?

Let me know down in the comments!

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George Washington
4 months ago

We don’t have redfish in California. That doesn’t mean I cannot learn from all fishing lessons.

Charles Kuzas
1 year ago

What type rod and rod length are you using for jetty fishing?

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

Nice redfish Wyatt!- Both Videos are nicely done

Josh Mitchell
1 year ago

What causes an eddie along the side of a jetty like that?


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