Light VS. Dark Soft Plastic Lure Color Contest: What Sparks The Most Bites?

What will spark the most bites in this light VS. dark soft plastic lure color contest???

Using the Mulligan Paddletail, I tested the Slam Shady and Alabama Leprechaun on a recent trip to see what lure triggered the most strikes.

Get the final results below!!

Light VS. Dark Soft Plastic Lure Color Contest [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

After I caught a couple of redfish on the light 4-inch Slam Shady Mulligan, I wanted to see if color had an impact.

So I switched over to the 4-inch Alabama Leprechaun Mulligan which is a darker lure to see if that made a difference.

With the lure profile remaining the same, would color have any kind of impact?

I rigged both lures up using 3/0 Hoss Helix Hooks weighing 1/8 oz.

As always, I applied Dr. Juice Exclusive Saltwater Slam Scent to the lures before casting them out.

The first cast with the Alabama Leprechaun and a redfish instantly came up and swallowed it down.

The truth is, I was in the right type of spot with feeding fish.

Lure color can have an impact, but if the fish are feeding, you’ll be able to get bites.

It is all about being in the RIGHT spot with the feeding fish.

There was no outright winner here but like I just said, be sure to find spots with the feeding fish.

From there, everything will come easier and you’ll get those fish you deserve.

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Well, that’s where we come in.

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Let me know if you have any questions down below!!

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Lyle Crafton
3 months ago

My experience is each new day can be a new challenge. What worked yesterday might be a loser today. Don’t be stuck on a plan or place. If it’s not working, change.

Gary Jarrett
3 months ago

Heading down to Oak Hill,with my twin bother Sept. 19-23. Fishing area up to New Smyrna.Can you give us any tips,we may need for that area, or a fishing report?And if you are in that area,would like for you to come fish with us,one of those days. Thanks.

Ron Pagano
3 months ago

Nice fish Tony! Where were you fishing on this trip?

Thomas Utley
3 months ago

Tony as always a very good video and I like the colors and their effects… I would also like to ask you what type of boat your were fishing out of and if it is a gheenoe could you please point me in the correct direction to finding a good one in the condition of yours …. I have looked high and low up here in the Jacksonville area at no avail and all I see is junk for the most part …. ! Thank
You and any and all help would
Be deeply appreciated by me I can assure you …. !!! Thanks again

Jo Radulski
3 months ago

So nice when they chew them all. Then there are the days that any slight movement from a four inch bait will scare an over slot red for days.

I used to love the gulp New Penny in central Brevard. We would do a week long trip to Little Gasparilla Island every year and when I couldn’t get a bite on new penny, white seemed to work. Got to the point that a had a different tub of gulp for each coast.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jo Radulski
Steven Free
3 months ago

Well Tony I don’t really know what colors work best in your area of Central Florida but I can tell you what works here and always speaking for myself I have found in our dark and mostly murky waters here in northeast florida anything with gold or chartruse works best at least what I have found the slam shady and most natural colors are not as effective here in the warmer months as they are in winter and early spring when the water is clearer and have fished both in areas where the fish were definatly actively feeding and used both the natural and the gold and chartruse colors and have found that the gold and charteuse seem to always win hands down in the warmer months so yes I do believe at least color contrasts make a difference but not nesacarily vivid colors like bright blue or red but like I always say it’s what I experienced nor what others do because obviously we all can only speak for ourselves thanks for the tip and all you do👍😉

Harry Ray
3 months ago

Nice job Tony!

Mark Ethridge
3 months ago

I need to add some more Alabama leprechaun to my mulligans. I think I have maybe just a few packs from my Founders Club membership.

James LaCombe
3 months ago

Empirical evidence from over 50 years of throwing both hard and soft plastics from the Chandeleurs to South Padre Island has taught me that lure color does make a difference…sometimes a huge one. And it’s more than light/dark, clear/murky water.

To that end, any idea why the Moonwalker is only available in bone? If I could have one other color, make mine hot pink.

Dave S
3 months ago

What type of retrieve were you using? Straight retrieval or twitch-twitch-pause?


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