Try THIS Deadly Lure For Picky Spring Trout


What is your go-to fishing lure for picky spring trout?

If you’re going after speckled trout this spring, you NEED to bring this lure along with you if you want success.

What lure could that be?

Keep scrolling to find out!!

Best Lure For Picky Spring Trout

During the spring, trout are fired up by the milder temperatures and spawn for a small window in the spring.

These fish have their eye out on big bait presentations.

There are times when a paddletail or jerkbait will be all you need, however, some days out on the water are not going to be as conducive.

For these types of situations, bigger twitchbaits have the ability to trigger strikes from large trout.

Paddletails are the go-to lure option but that won’t always work 100% of the time.

Twitchbaits provide a contrasting presentation that will work in scenarios where traditional lure choices are not producing.

Moreover, there are common misconceptions about how to retrieve this lure but it is much easier than you’d think.

Almost exactly to the walk-the-dog retrieve for topwater lures, you want to create a similar walk-the-dog action with this lure.

You are able to cover a lot of ground with twitchbaits and cover flats with potholes holding hungry fish.

Furthermore, when you pause your retrieve, the twitchbait will settle back down in the water column which is why most of your strikes will happen on the pause.

The key in spring is to stay in tune with the trends and anticipate cooling and warming trends.

As the temperatures rise and we enter the thick of spring even into summer, the Corky is THE go-to twitchbait lure.

The Corky, or Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro, mimics the same walk-the-dog action as topwater lures while maintaining a larger profile.

On those days where you just can’t seem to find a consistent bite, turn to the Corky lure.

You will find lots of big trout will make an offer at your lure as you work it over potholes and depth changes.

However, Corky or twitchbait lures are not a go-to option 99% of the time you are out fishing.

With a paddletail, you can cover a lot more ground and fish any type of spot.

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Best Lure For Picky Spring Trout [VIDEO]

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trout on paul brown fat boy corky

Twitchbaits provide a contrast to the vibration of paddletails and the darting behavior of jerk shads.

The walk-the-dog erratic retrieve of twitchbaits might just be the ticket to catching fish on an off day.

Be sure to always have a twitchbait handy in your tackle box before you head out on the water!

Do you have any more questions on the best lure for picky spring trout?

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Let me know down in the comments!

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Raymond Bierschenk
2 years ago

Don’t tempt me to buy more lures, lol!

Rob S
2 years ago

SS encourages swapping out trebles for inline hooks to avoid damaging and wasting fish. Any reason they don’t work on a Corky since all of yours have trebles?

Kris Jachim
2 years ago

I’ve been using a Pink Soft Dine XL for years with pretty good success for years. It’s one of my confidence baits for trout. I like the pink Fat Boy too.

Kris Jachim
2 years ago
Reply to  Kris Jachim

Also, I changed the trebles out to 1/0 Owner In-line hooks. They work pretty good on the Fat Boy but catch the line and also wrap around the front of the Soft Dine XL too often. I may have to downsize the front hook or try the other inline hooks that Luke did the video on with the shorter hook shank.
But the hookup ratio was good.

Leonard Tylenda
2 years ago
Reply to  Kris Jachim

Do the in-lines you mounted change the buoyancy of the final product? TIA

Kris Jachim
2 years ago

I didn’t test them side by side but the inline baits seemed to have a decent sink rate. I really like the inline hooks except for catching the line too often. They are very sharp too. I might try researching the weights of the treble hooks compared with in line hooks.

George Wyatt
2 years ago

Not quite sure what you meant by this statement you made above in the story, “During the spring, trout are fired up by the milder temperatures and spawn for a small window in the spring”. Actually, research has shown some trout can spawn every 10 days (under the right conditions) from April and through September when water temperatures are between 70 and 90 degrees. Check out the Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation at the Harte Institute, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, TX.

Leonard Tylenda
2 years ago

Lotta wisdoms in your vid, thnx for making. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up PaulBrowns in the stores and then put ’em back on the shelf (because I don’t know enough about ’em). But I know it’s a staple in the entourage in the upper and TX Gulf coasts, for those in the know.
Curious how they run/catch with properly-sized single inline replacement hooks. Any idea? TIA.

Steven Free
2 years ago

Yea while I know they are popular in Texas dont really hear about them here in Florida but I know people use them because I have seen them in some tackle shops in the area and while I attended a fishing inshore seminar a couple years back with Capt ca richardson I recieved 2 of the corky lures something that was given to some of the anglers that attended others got different lures or tackle but I never used any of them they are just stored away like alot of my lures that I bought over the years because we all have our favorites I have alot of lures that I bought over the years that have never even seen water we are all like children we see something shiny and new and buy it then like a child loose interest and move on but hey I’m talking about myself here but maybe I’ll try them out thanks for the info and all you do😉👍


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