#1 Lure For Sight Fishing Redfish & Trout


What lure should you use if the water is crystal clear and conditions are super calm?

During these conditions, sight fishing opportunities are aplenty.

So what lure do you need to go sight fishing for redfish and trout?

Check it out right here!!

Sight Fishing Redfish & Trout [VIDEO]

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Typically, it can be tough to induce strikes on a clear and calm day.

But, with a jerk shad like the Alabama Leprechaun, you automatically increase your chances of hooking up.

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best fall fishing lures

Calm and clear conditions are not ideal but with the help of a natural presentation like the Alabama Leprechaun, you can sight fish redfish, and trout with ease.

If you find yourself in the middle of tailing redfish or finicky trout, go ahead and grab the Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad!

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Paul Stich
1 year ago

Might be nice to share HOW you caught the fish instead of just THAT you caught fish. You mention many times you used the Alabama Leprechaun and it was sunny and clear but how about some info on your retrieve, more about conditions like what depth, structure, tide, wind….

Rob S
1 year ago
Reply to  Matt Lanier

Matt, I understand there are probably business reasons to crank out video and other content in numbers, but my vote would be to include info like Paul mentioned in one video rather than two. Saves Insiders their time. . . One, and done! I realize you may be following directions, but a suggestion if you have producer discretion.

Jeff Clark
1 year ago

Gator trout fever, it’s a real thing! Been lucky enough to feel it a few times myself. Nice video Matt!

Chris Little
1 year ago

Great Vid, Brother. Digg’n the Buff! Was the tide Dropping out? The water looked skinny.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

Great video Matt!

George Layton
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing a gang buster bite Matt, congrats !! The Alabama Leprechaun has been a killer on tailing Reds also, in clear, calm, shallow water !!!

Mario Relvini
1 year ago

Great video Matt! I’ve had some of my best luck with the AL. Definitely one of my favorites.

Jelani Thornton
1 year ago

That’s awesome, congrats on the PB!

Matt, that was a fun video to watch! Good stuff man


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