The 20-Year-Old Fishing Captain Making A Big Splash!


What were you doing at 20 years old?

Personally, I was still in school, trying to figure my life out, doing too much messing around, and not enough fishing.

Can you relate?

That wasn’t the case with Capt. Max McKinley.

This guy started guiding full-time as a 20-year-old and got recruited to go guide in Louisiana when he was just 21!

max mckinley louisiana redfish

And the wild part is that he didn’t come from a family of fishermen.

In fact, his parents aren’t big into fishing at all!

In this podcast interview, Capt. Max McKinley talks about:

  • Being the new kid on the block in a new fishery (where most guides are 2-3x your age)
  • Why he’s taking a break from social media (and what he’s doing instead)
  • His favorite lures
  • Where to find big fish
  • The truth about being a fishing guide (is it really all butterflies and rainbows?)

And much more!

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Capt. Max McKinley, The 20-Year-Old Guide [PODCAST]

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max mckinley redfish

What an impressive young man!

I don’t know too many 20-year-olds who are already living out their dream job…

If you want to book a trip with him, you can visit his website at, and even though he isn’t posting anymore, you can see some of his amazing catches on his Instagram.

Have any questions about Capt. Max and his journey?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Joseph Carney
3 years ago

Took a charter with Capt Max before I bought my East Cape EVOx boat. He is a very knowledgeable and a great guy to fish with. It is awesome to earn a living doing what you love.

Thomas Campbell
3 years ago

Very inspirational!


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