NEW Owner TwistLock Hook (Great For Winter Fishing)


Have you seen the new 3/16 oz. Owner TwistLock hook?

They just came out and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Check out the video below to see why this new hook is such a big deal (especially for winter fishing).

NEW Owner TwistLock Hook [VIDEO]

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So much of catching fish is about depth control.

You want to use the lightest weight possible to quickly get to the bottom.

If the weight is too heavy, your lure won’t have great action as you work it back to you.

If the weight is too light, it won’t get down to the bottom where the fish are feeding.

This new 3/16 oz. hook is perfect for winter fishing because it lets me get down to the bottom around the deeper docks, but it keeps my lure weedless so I don’t have to worry about snags (unlike most other hooks and jig heads).

Where To Get These New Hooks

These hooks just came out and I haven’t even seen them in stores, but we decided to order a few because I had a hunch I would like them.

As it turns out, I like them even more than I expected!

Since they passed our on the water test, they’re now available at our online tackle shop.

But a quick warning: we didn’t order too many, but I know they’re going to sell out quickly.

Order them here now.


These new 3/16 oz. Owner TwistLock hooks are awesome!

The heavier weight lets me get down to the bottom in heavy structure where the fish are feeding, and I don’t have to worry about getting snagged and losing my lure.

You can get them from our tackle store here:

And if you want 20% off of these hooks and everything else in our store, click here to join us in the Insider Club!

P.S. We don’t have that many in stock and they won’t last long so order your pack today!

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Michael Smith
3 years ago

Where can I get the video on how to best retrieve the alabama leprechaun?? Also, how did you rig them when you were fishing with two at a time?? many Thanks

David Bui
3 years ago

I just came back from TRYING to fish in Louisiana marsh. Unlike Florida, it is 3ft of shallow then drops off to 16-27 feet immediately off the grass. When you say fish deep, how deep are you talking about for trout? Thx from a Salt Strong Insider.

Steven Free
3 years ago

I got a solution for making the old twistlocks just as good as these new ones just pinch a splitshot to the shank below the weight I do this with my chasebaits plastic shrimp to get them to the bottom faster because the weight that is attached to the hook shank that comes with the bait sometimes is to light especially since the chasebaits is made from the same stretch tough plastics that zman baits are made from it works great and I don’t have to carry around extra hooks anyways just saying what works for me and it certainly does😁

3 years ago

Doesn’t the heavier weight kill the action of the lure?

Pat Ogletree
3 years ago

Just ordered some, thanks for the heads up! They’ll work great with the Diesel Minnowz


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