Why Nothing Beats An On-The-Water Fishing Report


What is so special about On-The-Water fishing reports?

Can we learn more from On-The-Water reports?

On-The-Water and Insider Reports are coming to Insiders from us DAILY!

What are the biggest benefits of watching an On-The-Water fishing tip?

We’ve got it all covered below!

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On-The-Water Fishing Reports [PODCAST]

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We covered a lot in this episode, so here is a timestamped version:

  • 2:51 – Transition from Freshwater fishing to Saltwater Fishing
  • 3:32 – Finding the fish [On-The-Water Reports]
  • 4:02 – Finding the feeding zones
  • 4:58 – Today’s Fishing TV Shows
  • 6:19 – Fishing on YouTube
  • 8:10 – Real-time On-The-Water Fishing Footage
  • 8:27 – Fishing Coach Insider Reports
  • 9:09 – Insider Report Analysis
  • 11:15 – Preview of Insider Reports
  • 13:32 – Applicability of On-The-Water Reports
  • 14:10 – Vessels, Gear, Tides, Temperature, Etc.
  • 14:31 – Q&A Interactive Element
  • 15:38 – Why are these reports so powerful?
  • 18:05 – Master Map of Insider Fishing Reports
  • 19:58 – Why share all of our fishing spots?
  • 23:08 – Recipe for Fishing Trips
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On-The-Water Fishing Reports [VIDEO]

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On-The-Water fishing reports give the best insight into how anglers think and approach fishing in different areas and different species of fish.

Even if a report is from a fishing spot on the other side of the state or country from you, the techniques and schools of thought still apply to the overall approach to fishing.

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Do you have any more questions about the power of on-the-water fishing reports?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Keith Weber
1 year ago

Question; how do you link directly to that insider report page with the filter bar? I had not seen that before and that filter looks like a big help. I am able to google search and find it but the SS menu button does not include Insider Reports and the fishing tips page does not show the filter bar. Thanks

Keith Weber
1 year ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Thanks much Joe. I will get good use out of the filter!

Mark Ethridge
1 year ago

I’m only 5 to 10 mins in and hearing the truth on Youtube. I agree it’s information overload and a lot of it is bad information or it is nothing but product placements.


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