Fishing During The Worst Time Of The Day [On-The-Water Report]

What should your tactics be if you find yourself out fishing during the worst time of the day?

What exactly is the worst time of the day to be out fishing?

Learn the best tactics for fishing during the worst time of the day below!!

Check this out!

Fishing During The Worst Time Of The Day

As the day progresses and the sun rises, fish will poke out of the shallows into deeper trenches and troughs on the edges of flats.

If you are able to, try to stand a bit higher and look into the water for any color changes that signal depth changes.

Then, aim your casts right for the depth changes that the fish will be holding in.

If you often fish in marsh creeks, you can find creek bends that mimic this type of structure.

You want to swim your lure over these depth changes by working it vertically up and down.

The fish during this time of year are lethargic and if you are implementing a constant, straight retrieve, you could miss out on fish.

Fish do not have the energy or motivation to chase paddletails down during this season.

You want to make use of the twitch-twitch-pause method to create action on your lure and give it enough time to sink for fish to strike.

Also, if you are struggling to locate depth changes and color changes while out on the water, you can look up information on Google Maps or Earth using Historical Data to locate depth levels.

Fishing During The Worst Time Of The Day [VIDEO]

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It is very possible to get on a consistent bite during the day in fall and winter, it is just different from fishing in spring and summer.

The milder temperatures and the sun heating the water a bit help push fish out of the shallows and into deeper trenches along the edges of flats.

Don’t be discouraged if you get a late start, just look for depth changes and follow the bite!!

Do you have any more questions about fishing during the worst time of the day?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Reese Derrenberger
2 years ago

Would being in a kayak change things? What about wading?

Rick Daniel
2 years ago

Hello Wyatt,
I agree that time of day is not good in the warmer months, but on my last trip a few weeks ago we were putting in reds every other cast around 1pm in a similar type spot. Granted my son was using shrimp I was using the slam shady.

Kenneth Pape
2 years ago

You’re in Texas? What’s the water temperature? Did you have any tidal flow?

Jacob Jeffcoat
2 years ago

Looks like you are using yellow or white braided line? Do you use a florocarbon leader? How long?

William Cogswell
2 years ago

Great info, Thanks!

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

Watching you catch fish is a lot of fun, but info such as tackle, retrieve, water temp., tides, weather , etc. is what we are looking for.

Gary Brady
2 years ago

Wyatt what you using, slam shady or prawn?

Brian Higgins
2 years ago

Yes, change of plan when water too low: Thursday wanted outgoing tide to fish bridge pilings for sheephead. Too low, so continued with a change of jigs and live shrimp slow trolling (kayak) deep current where reds hide after leaving dry creeks. Almost immediately caught a 23″ red, then a school of trout and another red 21″. More short reds, trout and flounder. Got too dark to eork the bridge pilings. Gave away my unused sand fleas…

mike maynard
2 years ago

Very helpful Wyatt…like suggestion on channel turns in the marsh

Mel Crissey
2 years ago

Good tips Wyatt.


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