How To Catch Inshore Slams On Tough, Windy Days


The bad thing about fishing is that you can’t choose the weather on the day you go fishing.

And this can be incredibly frustrating on important days, like fishing in a tournament, taking kids out fishing, or entertaining clients.

We know how you feel!

Recently, Luke and Tony went through this exact situation when they were fishing in a tournament right after a nasty cold front came through.

Tides were super low, winds were 15+ MPH, and it was freezing cold!

However, they were still able to put together a really nice inshore slam.

inshore slam tournament snook

In fact, they tied for first in the tournament!

Check out this podcast to see:

  • Their secret gameplan of how they tied for first in the tournament
  • How to catch inshore slams (even in crummy conditions)
  • The one mistake that most anglers make when fishing (Luke even made this mistake once this day!)
  • Why you don’t need to have fished an area for 20 years or have the best live bait to have a great day on the water

And much more!

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How To Catch Inshore Slams On Tough Days [VIDEO]

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How To Catch Inshore Slams On Tough Days [PODCAST]

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tournament snook on gulp

What an awesome case study showing that all you need to have for a successful day on the water is a proven gameplan.

You don’t need to waste time or money getting live bait…

Or spend your whole life fishing and learning an area…

You just need to know the trends and where the fish will be, plus have one or two lures to match those trends.

In this case, Luke caught all of his fish on the Slam Shady, and Tony caught his fish on the Slam Shady and gulp shrimp.

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Jonathan Getz
3 years ago

I laughed at the last comment Joe. Let me know if someone steps up to challenge Tony in those 3 areas.

Steven Free
3 years ago

Agree totally guys if you don’t have a plan your basically fishing blind but wow that’s weird because your in South and central fl gulf coast and I’m in northeast fl Jax st Aug area and your temps for the last weekend when you did the tournament was in the 50s here in Jacksonville area it hasn’t been that cold in almost 3 weeks! In fact last weekend it got up to 90 degrees on sun and when I was out on sat it was about 85 to 87 and the lows have been in the 60s most of the time but sometimes even in the 70s but like I think everywhere I go the wind has been up this past weekend on sat it wasn’t bad about 10 to 12mph out of the northeast as usual and Mon when my boss gave me off for a nice 3 day weekend it was about 10 to 15mph out again out of the northeast and the water temps here now are perfect in fact Mon I was reading it at a very high for even a normal March timeframe of 77.5 degrees! Very warm but unfortunately it was all a low score in both the solonar tables and the saltstrong strike score on sat it was a 30 and mon only a 12 but i have found that when it’s low the next week it’s usually pretty high and it is this weekend coming up it’s 78 on sat and eve better a 85 on sun so basically to me it’s topwater time ha ha and last week the tides were not the greatest either but this coming weekend they are perfect at millcove one of my favorite areas and I’m not going to say spot because it’s such a large area the incoming is peaked at 830am a great time to be out just before daylight and to be throwing topwater spook Jr’s anyways great report guys and thanks for all you do????


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