Winter Inshore Slam To Bring In The New Year [On-The-Water Report]


Are you still looking to reel in your first inshore slam of 2022?

What species is giving you the most trouble?

Check out this on-the-water report to learn more about catching inshore slams this time of the year!

See more below!!

New Year Winter Slam [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:


redfish to complete new years inshore slam

If you stay current with feeding trends and try to find spots that have bait, birds, and boils, you can set yourself up for reeling in an inshore slam!

Remember to work all columns of the water and try to find underwater structure like oyster bars where fish will likely be held up.

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1 year ago

unfortunately there’s a whole lotta people that just don’t know etiquette period!

Tammi Morrisette
1 year ago

Was that first spot Hog Island or is that Insider info? LOL I’ve caught some solid trout around that area. And…dang potlickers!

Last edited 1 year ago by Tammi Morrisette


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