How To Catch Tons Of Fish On Piers & Jetties (Tips, Tricks, & Mistakes)


Want to catch more saltwater fish from a pier or jetty?

If you want to maximize your time fishing from a pier or jetty, then listen in as we share the best types of spots and structure to look for, the best side of a jetty to fish from, tides, lures, baits, rigs, and more!

The tactics we share cover piers and jetties from Texas to Florida to North Carolina (and everywhere in between).

Check it out below!

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Pier & Jetty Fishing Tactics [VIDEO]

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Pier & Jetty Fishing Tactics [PODCAST]

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You can follow the timestamped table of contents:

  • 2:07 – The biggest mistake when fishing at a jetty
  • 5:21 – Is there a best spot on a jetty?
  • 8:10 – How to pick out a great place to fish on the jetty
  • 11:04 – See this live spot dissection on best target zones
  • 13:21 – The dinner plate for jetty fish
  • 15:03 – Pier tactics for different species
  • 16:02 – Let the tides determine your pier “spot”
  • 18:40 – Things to think about when you are using Google maps to pre-trip plan
  • 20:30 – Factor in sandbars when you’re fishing from piers (or the beach)
  • 23:32 – How to be successful in a new place (Do this)
  • 27:11 – A very effective lure for Spanish Mackerel
  • 28:16 – The Insider Community and why it’s a secret weapon
  • 31:08 – Want to catch a BIG fish? You need this…
  • 32:48 – Equipment you need to catch big fish at the jetty or pier
  • 36:39 – What’s your go-to bait or lure for the pier?
  • 39:21 – A quick, easy bait to use for redfish and a great bait for everything
  • 41:01 – The white bucktail jig and big spoons for bigger fish
  • 43:18 – Artificials for flounder during the fall
  • 45:48 – Big baits for big fish!


best piers for fishing

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Gordon McBride
10 days ago

That pic of the Spanish Maceral looks like Sunshine Skyway bridge that I would fish like a pier. Back in the 70s I used to fish Gandy Bridge before they rebuilt it and removed the fishing walkway. One night I saw a guy leaving while dragging at least a 70lb Jewfish with lips over his shoulder and tail dragging on the deck, I have no idea how he got it up the 15 feet to the walk.

10 days ago

Great discussion with vaulable information, you guys hit the mark with this one! Terrific and Thanks, tight lines.

Mike Maixner
10 days ago

Wyatt, when you said that you can use the 3-5 in finger mullet skull hooked to get on a good quantity of fish, does it matter much if they are dead or alive. If dead, do you prefer fresh or frozen and do you chop the tails off to release more scent?

Wyatt Parcel
10 days ago
Reply to  Mike Maixner

As I mentioned in my recent video on dead bait rigs for jetties, you can use both! Live is preferred but it’s such a hassle to manage bait that 95% of the time I use dead baits. I like larger baits this time of year so I won’t tear the tails off smaller mullet but if a larger one can handle it and still keep the larger size profile, I absolutely will! Here’s that video if you’d like to see how I do this:

Mike Maixner
10 days ago

Joe, you asked about using the power prawn at the jetties and I have tried it, but I was only able to hook into 1000 lbs rock fish that I was not able to land. Do you have tips as to how I can bounce that guy on the bottom without donating my tackle to the rocks.
Is this just a strategy to get us to lose our beloved power prawns so we have to come back to buy more. Maybe you realized that you made them too durable and we are not going through them quick enough. I am on to you and your tricks.

Wyatt Parcel
10 days ago
Reply to  Mike Maixner

Hey Mike, I actually went out with a Power Prawn after this podcast as Joe suggested and caught around 40-50 trout averaging around 20” ! The insider report will be live shortly!

Mike Maixner
10 days ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Wow, I am either much less skilled than you are (obvious answer) or the Packers Jetties are much less forgiving around the rocks. I look forward to seeing your strategy for bringing in trout instead of granite boulders.

Jason Rosado
10 days ago

I gotta get back to fishing the jetties in my area. Great video made and the catches are awesome

9 days ago

Thank for sharing your insight on fishing on jetties and piers. Next year Port Arkansas is going to have the fishing piers replaced, the Harvey took out.

David Holmes
9 days ago

Very informative! Thanks for the good tips guys.

Michael Foy
9 days ago

Wow! Very informative and I expect to use most if not all this information to increase my jetty/ pier catching. Was trying to figure out a catchy phrase to help remember which side of the jetty to fish depending on the tide and came up with: if it’s OUTgoing fish INside (the boating channel) and if the tide is INcoming fish OUTside the jetty (beachside)
So it’s always opposite incoming – out, outgoing – fish in.
Anyways, thought that might help others remember as well.

7 days ago

In this video Wyatt mentions using larger (2-3) gold spoons. I don’t see any that size for sale on “Tackle”. What brand do you use for the larger spoons?

Wyatt Parcel
7 days ago

I typically order them off of amazon in bulk. They’re sold by a number of different manufacturers, so I always go with what’s cheapest, as I know I’m going to lose the majority of them .

Troy Hill
3 days ago

Which side of pier to fish on is based on which factors? Topsail Island NC.


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