Top 2 Rigging Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Soft Plastics

These are the TOP 2 rigging hacks to get the most out of your soft plastic lures!

Whether you’re fishing with a traditional jighead style hook or a weedless jighead, these hacks will save you time and money.

Take a closer look below!!

Top 2 Rigging Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Soft Plastics [VIDEO]

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Traditional Jigheads

Start with the lure in one hand and the jighead in the other as you normally would.

Push the soft plastic onto the hook until the head of the lure reaches the straight portion of the hook shank.

The goal of this hack is to avoid tearing up the plastic that sits on top of the jighead barbs.

Before you push the lure up and over the metal keepers, turn the lure 90 degrees to one side.

Now the tears in the plastic happen on the sides of the lure and not the top or bottom.

This helps extend the life of the soft plastic lure.

Once you load the lure onto the keepers at a 90-degree angle, turn the lure back to a straight position and you’re ready to rock.

All of the plastic that is closest to the lure keepers is not torn and is securely in place.

That lure isn’t going anywhere and will also last much longer than traditional rigging techniques.

Weedless Jigheads

The Power Prawn USA rigged on a Hoss Weedless Football Jighead has been my go-to lure of the summer.

Slow bouncing this setup along the bottom has triggered the most strikes and brought in the biggest fish for me.

And when rigged weedless, you can get as close to structure as possible to get those bites.

When rigging lures on weedless jigheads, there are two things to think about.

Number one, we want the head of the jighead to be fixed up against the soft plastic lure.

Number two, this helps with skip-ability.

To begin, slide the hook point into the top of the lure but not all the way through.

Pop the hook point out of the lure making sure there is enough plastic to pin the weight to the lure.

Slide the lure down the hook shank and when you reach the collar in the hook, turn the lure 90 degrees and push it up and over the joint.

The lure will slide right into place and fix that weight up against the plastic of the lure.

If the weight of the hook is loose, it will significantly reduce the skip-ability of the lure.

The last step is to note with your thumb where the hook will sit in the lure and slide it up and through the soft plastic.

You’re ready to hit the water and catch more fish without having to constantly replace the lure!!

What other rigging hacks do you regularly use to save time and money?

I’d love to hear from you down in the comments section!!

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Ahmad Aghar
23 days ago

Very useful tips!

Jon Kaplan
24 days ago

Thank you for the 90 degree twist! As always solid info!

26 days ago

With the Power Prawn rigged weedless, exactly as described, I’m not hooking 3 out of 4 strikes. Even though the area I fish has heavy grass, I’m finding this method is loosing too many fish.

Last edited 26 days ago by JOHN DAVIS
Eddie Collins
26 days ago

Video was great especially rigging the weedless ! I ordered both and have had decent results with Red’s !! Very glad I joined Salt Strong !! Keep up the great work !! 👍

Michael Guay
28 days ago

Thank you for the demonstration I’ll try it next time I’m out

Richard Hall
28 days ago

Great stuff Luke!!!

Vance Dykstra
28 days ago

Cool tip, thanks

Donn Christy
28 days ago

Thank You.

Ronald H Mattson
29 days ago

Thanks Luke for making this video available and helping me rig my soft plastic lures

Steven Busby
29 days ago

I watch this video at least once a month to make sure I’m rigging my lures correctly. At least until I’m completely confident in rigging them properly.


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