The Secret Bait To Catch BIG Redfish And Trout


We discovered the SECRET bait to catch BIG redfish!!

Last week, Luke and I had the chance to stay at Bay Flats Lodge in Texas and fish with a bunch of other Captains and fishermen.

While we were there, we got introduced to an amazing live bait to use for catching redfish.

They’re called Piggy Perch or Pigfish…take a look!

The Secret Bait To Catch BIG Redfish And Trout [VIDEO]

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Capt. TJ from Bay Flats Lodge has been fishing with Pigfish (Piggy Perch) for years and he showed us that this is not your average run-of-the-mill live bait fishing.

There is a real strategy to working these live baits to trigger strikes.

Rigging Pigfish

There are a couple of different sizes of Pigfish.

The ideal size is somewhere between 3-4 inches.

To rig these fish, have the tail pointing away from you and slide the hook point near the rear of the fish out through the bottom.

Capt. TJ uses 5/0 Kahle Hooks when fishing with Pigfish.

If the Pigfish are on the smaller side, you can bump down to a 4/0 size hook.

And you can go up to a 6/0 hook if the Pigfish are extra large.

Retrieving Pigfish

Try to face downwind and cast the Pigfish out in front of you.

You want to be able to feel the line in your hand because this technique requires free-lining the Pigfish.

Once you cast the bait out, hold your rod tip straight up in the air and every once in a while give the rod a few aggressive pops.

The objective is to erratically pop the tip of the rod which makes the Pigfish start to grunt.

When they start to grunt and make noise, that is what attracts fish and triggers strikes.

You don’t want to drag the Pigfish across the bottom.

Just give the tip of the fishing rod a few quick twitches.

If you get a bump, you’ll feel more of a thump down in the bottom of the rod.

Slight taps on the tip of your rod are just the Pigfish getting nervous on the end of your line.

When you feel a bite, the fish is going to try and pull away.

Move your arms and the rod down with the fish to create tension in the line and then set the hook.

This gives the fish enough time to have the Pigfish in their mouth.

If you set the hook right as the fish hits the Pigfish, you’ll put it away from them every time.


We crushed big redfish and trout all week on Pigfish.

You’ve just got to make sure you’re rigging them correctly and retrieving them right or else, you’ll miss fish!

Stay patient and focused on any tension in the line!

Do you have other questions about the secret bait to catch BIG redfish and trout?

Please ask away in the comments!!

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10 months ago

Looks like a regular old Pinfish to me.

Scott Posgai
11 months ago

Aren’t you supposed to use circle hooks with live bait?

Steve Klott
11 months ago

I use them every chance I get! I put out my pinfish trap the night before I fish and there’s always a few pigfish (grunts) in it. After I find the fish I use the grunts first. Always free lined. Great bait! Picked up how to use them from the live bait mastery course. Thank you Peter Deeks!

courtney Baggett
11 months ago

definitely give it a try

Jeff Morris
11 months ago

What time of the year was that video shot?

Luke Simonds
11 months ago
Reply to  Jeff Morris

This lesson was filmed just a few weeks ago.

Bobby Colding
11 months ago

Luke thank you for the information about the Reel

Luke Simonds
11 months ago
Reply to  Bobby Colding

My pleasure!

11 months ago

Excellent information. I live in the Outer Banks of NC. Would the sand perch, a very similar fish works also?

Bobby Colding
11 months ago

Thanks for all the information

Harold Wilson
11 months ago

Thanks Wesley for the instruction.

Bobby Colding
11 months ago

Wondering what would be the best reel for that rod we got coming in the flounders club

Luke Simonds
11 months ago
Reply to  Bobby Colding

The BG MQ 2500 is my favorite match for the upcoming custom rod we have coming out soon.


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