Top 3 Types Of Spots To Fish On An Incoming Tide (And Why)


Are there specific things to look for or advantageous spots to fish an incoming tide?

Moving water is essential to successfully catch inshore saltwater fish.

Incoming tides provide lots of opportunities.

Check it out!!

Spots To Fish On An Incoming Tide [VIDEO]

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Equipment Mentioned:

1) Flats

The first type of spot I look for on incoming tides is your basic flats.

Especially starting right at low tide.

Water moves up onto the flats and bait can explore more of that water.

As soon as you can get your vessel or craft onto the flats, the better.

You can set up on the flats before the predatory fish even get there.

The reason fish love to feed on the flats during an incoming tide is all the bait and food are being pushed toward them.

So it is advantageous to focus on areas with some structure, troughs, potholes, and cuts on the flat.

Fish will use these areas to sit and wait to ambush bait passing by.

Shallow flats are easy hunting grounds for hungry fish.

2) Points

Once we reach the mid-tide level and the water levels rise a bit, that is when I target points.

Points that specifically have structure on or near them.

This can be in the form of rocks, oysters, or shell bottom.

All of that water and bait is getting pushed and whipped around points to then split off in different directions.

So those predatory fish are sitting right on that point waiting for meals to swim right into their faces.

3) Flooded Structure

This applies to any type of flooded structure on a flat or structure tucked up against a grassline and even docks or pilings.

Flooded structure is a critical area to fish on a higher tide cycle with higher water levels.

These areas are extremely popular for bait to congregate around because they feel safe and protected.

Predators know this and naturally drift toward feeding in these areas.

If you find an oyster bar or shell mound on low tide, that will be an excellent spot when the tide comes back in.

It is also a bonus if you’re near a creek mouth or exit for bait to try and escape to.

As soon as the tide turns, most of the time, that is where those predators are going to be.

Lure Selection

On the lower part of the tide cycle, I’ll go with some type of shrimp presentation.

For me, that is the Power Prawn USA shrimp lure in either the original or junior size.

Then as we move to fish points and the tide is halfway in, you’ll want to use finfish imitations.

For example, the Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail or the Slam Shady BOMBER are great presentations.

Lastly, on high tide, I really enjoy using popping corks.

The Power Prawn USA underneath a popping cork just does an excellent job of mimicking shrimp behavior at this stage in the tide cycle.


shrimp lure outperforms live shrimp

The goal when fishing an incoming tide is to take advantage of moving water and knowing where the fish are staging beforehand.

Fishing around points and near flooded structure at ANY time in the tide cycle is going to get you on fish!!!

Do you have more questions or things you feel we left out?

Go ahead and share your thoughts with us in the comments section!!

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Billy Brunson
1 year ago

Thanks for the video very helpful.

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Another jam-packed info-vid Richard.Thanks Man.

Matthew Chase
1 year ago

Richard, once again another great informative video. I’m really learning a lot of techniques you’ve been sharing. Thank you sir.

Marmion Dambrino
1 year ago

Great information

Philip Stoddard
1 year ago


Efrain Vega
1 year ago

Great tips and tricks!

Dragon Lewis
1 year ago

Another information packed video! Lots of great examples on where to find fish. Thank you Richard for being so specific on how you fish the tide cycles!

James Delle Bovi
1 year ago

Absolutely awesome video and advice, Richard. Would LOVE to see same analysis on the stages of the outgoing tide. Awesome.

Mark Sobkoviak
1 year ago

Thanks Richard for another great video. I love fishing the grass flats because we have a lot of them in the central coast of Texas. Would you still fish the flats on low tide even on a hot Texas day? Would the water temperature make a difference? Thanks

1 year ago

Thank you this is great info


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