When (And When Not) To Use Rattles In Your Lures


Do you ever add rattles to your lures?

Rattles can help you catch many more fish in the right conditions.

But in some situations, you really don’t need them.

Luke recently did a test targeting redfish, speckled trout, snook, grouper, and mangrove snapper using a lure with rattles vs. a lure without rattles, and the results were pretty astonishing.

So listen in as we share when to use rattles in your fishing lures and when to avoid them as well!

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When To Use Rattles In Your Lures [VIDEO]

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When To Use Rattles In Your Lures [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 0:30 – Rattles have been around for a long time
  • 1:11 – Battle Rattles for Power Prawn Lures
  • 2:05 – Luke’s test on rattles
  • 4:06 – The results of the rattle test (check out the full Rattle Experiment here)
  • 5:40 – Here’s what glass rattles look like
  • 6:55 – Attracting fish with noise and why it works
  • 8:03 – The dimensions of the Battle Rattles and why it’s so important
  • 9:29 – How to insert the rattle into a soft plastic lure
  • 10:45 – Not all rattles are created equal
  • 11:51 – Luke tries to put a larger rattle into a lure (Live)
  • 12:48 – Circumstances when you do not need a rattle
  • 13:15 – Craziest fishing lure ever
  • 14:37 – Moderation always wins
  • 15:18 – Topwater lure challenge results
  • 16:55 – Most topwaters have rattles but not all
  • 17:31 – BIG SECRET revealed about new Salt Strong lures coming soon
  • 20:10 – Do NOT buy this lure
  • 21:52 – When rattles are the least helpful
  • 23:12 – When you should absolutely be using a rattle to attract fish
  • 24:05 – Joe’s camping stories from Sebastian State Park


new battle rattles

If you aren’t using rattles in some of your lures (both hard baits and soft plastic lures) then you are missing out!

They bring attention to your lures, attract strikes, and give you an edge over the fish.

Have you used rattles in your lures when fishing?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who is curious about using rattles in lures, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Ron Whetstone
2 years ago

Great video guys. I believe one fish that seems to be turned off by rattles more than other fish is the tarpon. My go to lure for baby tarpon is a Rapala Twitching Rap. Its a balsa wood lure and there are no rattles in it. It does not matter if the water is clear or dirty they definitely like this lure. Also I get more top water strikes from baby tarpon on an old Bagely Mullet and the Heddon Torpedo spook top water they also do not have rattles. Unfortunately Rapala does not make this lure anymore. Maybe you guys could design and market a plastic version with and with out rattles!

2 years ago

Have you done any testing with the livinston lures that emit sound

Bernard Narcy
2 years ago

Joe &Luke,
Awesome topic. Great info.
The lure you mentioned not to buy, when I saw the adds for some years ago I laughed so hard.
As far as the rattles go, I was wondering if you tried to put them in on the underside in the slot at the tail end? Just curious.

Thanks again

Neal H.
2 years ago

Hi Luke & Joe! Thanks for yet another great topic & discussion.
I was wondering if the bouyancy of the soft plastics is going to be affected. Lighter head possibly changing action?
Those huge glass rattles, if able to cram in, would certainly do so.

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

It might be me, but I tried all different ways to implant these rattles including the ones recommended by Tony a while back, and they will not stay in. I even tried using one of those 5 second UV light gizmos

Last edited 2 years ago by Richard Fiorentino
Jerry Fontenot
2 years ago

Where is the cavity for the rattle in the power prawn?

2 years ago

What about putting a raddled in the front and also back by tail

Tom Marks
2 years ago

I have to laugh about the lure with sound and flashing lights. Back when I was fishing bass tournaments I was sponsored by Bikini Lures. They made a lure with lights and a sound chip. The lights flashed in a random pattern, the sounds did the same but they were the sound of bass feeding on Shad. The lure was expensive. I asked my sponsor to get rid of the lights to lower the cost and keep the sound. I did catch bass with the lure, but I can’t say it caught me anymore than other lures. Every lure no matter how ugly or “dumb” will catch a fish … even by accident.

Cody Selph
2 years ago

Every time I turn around you guys are coming out with something new!!! I LOVE IT!! Keep it moving, you guys are awesome 👏🏻

Steven Free
2 years ago

Here in northeast fl the water is pretty murky so sound is very important and use rattles most of the year in all my soft plastics plastic shrimp and hard subsurface baits as well as topwater only when it’s dead calm in the winter time when the water is much clearer then the minority of the year here in Jacksonville st Augustine area do I not use rattles because I feel stealth is more important and more sound can spook them


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