The Power Prawn Shrimp Lures Are Here [New Product]

Great news!!! The Power Prawns are in stock.

The #1 reason inshore anglers struggle to catch as many quality fish with shrimp lures is due to limited depth coverage. Not only does a pre-rigged shrimp limit you to only cover a small depth range (just 1 or 2 ft range), but it also makes it tough to go weedless or add in rattles (like you can with Power Prawn).

Besides enabling us to rig it weedless and adding in rattles, these premium Power Prawn shrimp lures let you can consistently catch quality fish in water depths ranging from just 8 inches to over 30 feet deep!

Best of all, we’ll teach you exactly how to know which jig heads and equipment to use for you to maximize your fish catching results by the video-based tutorials we’ll send to you when you complete your order.

Here’s a video that shows these new shrimp lures up close:

Click here to get the Power Prawn bundle

Want to see this lure in action?

Here are some fun videos showing them catch a lot of fish:

Incredible Shrimp Lure Test Results (Flounder, Snook, & Grouper)

How To Catch Overslot Snook With These Artificial Lures

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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Kandi Young
4 hours ago

I just want to say thank you I’m so excited I just got my package in the mail this afternoon can’t wait to get out this evening and try it out thank you so much!!!

Steven Free
7 days ago

Sorry but to me it doesn’t really even closely resemble a shrimp doesn’t even have legs and it looks weird on a jighead with the eyes on the side plus they are clear and not black like real shrimp anyways not impressed I’ll stick with my chasebaits in jelly color and if I want my lure to go deeper I just pinch a split shot to the shank behind the already weight that is on the bait plus I don’t have to rig it seedless like you do with the power prawn because it comes seedless so many pluses on my end and a lot of negatives on yours sorry just tell it like I see it

7 days ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Good points Steve, but don’t forget, fish rarely (if ever) see what we see in a tackle store. Personally, I’d rather have a lure that catches fish than one that looks “realistic” in a tackle store.

Kenneth Aucoin
7 days ago

What size rattles does the lure accommodate? I have never used rattles and didn’t know what to purchase. All my water is murky.

Timothy Leahy
7 days ago

Also Luke senior video when you were testing the shrimp. And the juice scent. Is that scent available? Ready to turn the juice loose.

Timothy Leahy
7 days ago

Love the video Luke, thank you for all the work testing that lure. Ordered the Power prawn should have it in a couple days.
Fish the saint Petersburg area as well, how do you know which docks hold fish? And how do you work those docks? As far as where to cast, to get to those big snook and other predators?
Thank you for the excellent video, been looking forward to the power prawn since I heard Marcos first podcast. Call the 38 1/2″snook. Can’t wait to get that elusive 40. Feel like this lure could get me there.

John Malerich
8 days ago

I see the jig heads do not have a keeper. Do you need to glue the shrimp to the hook wire to keep it from sliding down and bunching up?

Scott McWilliams
8 days ago

Are these made of TPE plastic?

glenn haupt
8 days ago

Are these the monster 3x shrimp ?

Daryl Harvey
6 days ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Glenn I thought the same thing, and broke out a 3x shrimp to compare.

Luke, there is a company that makes weedless jigs for the Monster 3x (T&A jigs). I have started using them, and they work pretty well. I can hardly find the hooks anymore, but that probably is just a coincidence.

Nathan Miller
8 days ago

Do you guys plan to sell packs of just the shrimp bodies, without the jig heads?

Gerry Costello
8 days ago

Does the plastic behave like some others . Does it need to be stored separately?

Loren Yeager
8 days ago

Would you recommend rigging these on a 3/0 or 4/0 Z-man Pro BulletZ weedless jighead?

Mason Bennett
8 days ago

I feel like the pocket for the rattle would also work very well to hold scent. I am excited to try this.

Mark Brock
8 days ago

Awesome. Couple questions, the package shows the eyes dark but in the video the eyes on the lure were the same color as the body. Do the eyes come black? Also will the mini-course have details on the rattles you can use?

Mark Brock
8 days ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds



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