Lure Rigging

New Hack For Rigging Z-Man Lures On Owner TwistLock Hooks

Struggling to rig Z-Man lures on Owner TwistLock hooks? Check out this simple hack that makes rigging these lures so much easier!
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Topwater Lure As A Popping Cork? You’ve Got To See This!!!

Have you ever used a topwater lure as a popping cork? It's awesome! Instead of having fish hit the popping cork with nothing to show for it, now you can...
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Popping Cork Maintenance: Making Your Popping Corks Last Longer

Has this ever happened to your popping cork? This simple fix can help your popping cork last longer and be more effective, so you can catch more fish and...
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Peeking Into The Mind Of Legendary Fishing Lure Designer Patrick Sebile

This guy has over 300 IGFA records and designs some of the most effective lures on the planet. Watch him in action as he sketches out a brand new lure!
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Popping Corks: The Truth About Shapes, Styles & When To Use Each One

Do you know when to use each type of popping cork? In this video we'll break down the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well we when to use them.
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Which Soft Plastic Lures Can Be Left On A Hook (And Which Ones Can’t)?

Have you ever wondered which soft plastic lures can be left out, and which ones need to be put back in their packaging? Check out this video for the answer.
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How (And When) To Use A Swivel With A Weedless Spoon

Have you ever wondered when you should use a swivel with a weedless spoon? Or how to rig them together? Check out this video to see the answers.
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