These Are The Best Lures For Low Tide (And How To Rig Them)

Are there different lures you should be using while fishing on a low tide as opposed to a high tide?

What are the advantages to using different types of lures on a low tide?

There are certain lures that are ideal for fishing on a low tide because of the different conditions you may be faced with.

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Best Lures For Low Tide (And How To Rig Them) [VIDEO]

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The first thing to think about when fishing at low tide is where the fish may be located.

You want to find the deeper holes when fishing at low tide where the fish are going to hold up.

These holes are a staging area for fish as they wait for the tide to come back in.

If you succeed in finding deep holes when the tide is out, the probability of catching a lot of fish in a small area is very high.

While it is low tide, the fish are most likely feeding on smaller minnows and shrimp.

The best lure choices for low tide are paddletails and shrimp imitation lures to match the hatch.

Slam Shady 2.0 Paddletail

A paddletail is best used in the middle of the water column or higher.

Bait at low tide is generally swimming closer to the surface because the predatory fish are in the holes down below.

By swimming the paddletail a bit higher in the water column, it will give it a more natural presentation to the fish.

You can go with a lighter weight to have it sit a bit higher in the water so a 1/16 ounce Owner Twistlock Hook will pair nicely with the Slam Shady 2.0.

All you need is a slow steady retrieve to swim this lure in the right water column for low tide.

At low tide, the Slam Shady 2.0 is an excellent choice for catching flounder in shallow water even in less than a foot of water.

Z-Man 4-inch Jerk Shad

The Z-Man Jerk Shad in the Slam Shady color is a great shrimp imitation lure to use down near the bottom for a natural presentation.

It is best used with a slightly heavier jighead to get down in the deeper holes at the bottom.

This lure would create similar action to an artificial shrimp lure or a wounded baitfish.

Make sure you have something heavy enough to get down in the deeper 4-6 foot holes where the fish are most likely holding.

Using a heavier jighead will allow the tail to be raised up a bit more to act like a wounded baitfish.

Aim to go slow with this lure to prevent making a lot of commotion and spooking fish.

Vudu Shrimp Lure

The Vudu Shrimp is a pre-rigged shrimp lure that doesn’t allow you to choose your own weight on the jighead.

But it is designed to have the shrimp’s head rest on the bottom while the tail kicks up as you retrieve.

This is a great choice if there are grass shrimp or smaller profile-size shrimp around.

Power Prawn Jr.

In order to fish areas with structure at the bottom or overhanging trees with mangroves, it is best to choose a weedless presentation.

The Power Prawn Jr. is a phenomenal lure for sitting on top of oyster beds or around structure with a weedless setup.

If rigged on a 1/4 ounce Owner Twistlock hook, with the twistlock pin removed, it makes for a very natural presentation.

By removing the pin, it creates a bigger hook gap for the hook to set in the fish’s mouth.

If you go with a slightly heavier weight, you can bounce this lure along oyster beds for fish holding close by.

The Power Prawn Jr. is one of the best all-around low tide lure options.


Fishing on low tide has its own set of challenges and differences compared to fishing on high tide.

The key is to search for deep holes and areas where fish may be held up.

By utilizing a slow, steady retrieve with more finesse-type baits, you can set yourself up to catch more fish on a tricky low tide.

If you have any more questions on lure choices for low tide, please let me know down in the comments!

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Mark Siemonsma Siemonsma
2 years ago

Can you please demonstrate how to put the power prawn Jr on the twistlock hook with pin removed.


aric falk
2 years ago

Texas eye jig head with the 4 inch jerk shad is one of my go to lures.

Tim McKinnon
2 years ago

When rigging the PP without the twist pin are you pushing the eye of the hook up through the head or inserting the hook in the head and pulling it up over the weight? I’d like to try this rig because after a while I find the PP starts to slide off the hook on the ball shaped jig heads you sell in your shop.

Patrick Devereaux
2 years ago

What are your thoughts about using the Texas Red Eye with the Power Prawn ? Does the movable head give the Lure more action when it’s sitting still ? It may also sit more upright than the weighted hook It may be hard to rig due to the eyes and the two whiskers….

Steven Free
2 years ago

So I see you like the vudu shrimp well I used to until I saw tonys report on the chasebaits flick prawn plastic shrimp plus unlike the vudu the flick prawn has a rattle and is also weedless that can be thrown into some of the nastiest snags and come right back to you in the jelly color to me is the most lifelike shrimp lure out there that has action why I say that because for realism the live target shrimp gets looks hands down but because the plastic is so stiff there is no action at all kind of like a manaquin looks real but doesn’t act like it but the chasebaits action is top notch and I have caught hundreds of fish on them and unlike the vudu as well if you want it to go deeper I just add a single or several splitshot crimped to the hook shank great bait and it works for me😉😁

Pablo Diaz
2 years ago

Nice video Richard- I saw that on the Power Prawn Junior you did not remove the two little extrusions in the front of the prawn? Does it affect the action or placement of the hook? Great tips

Shane Anders
2 years ago

I like how you had the power prong lure rigged up I’ve been having a lot of issues in grass even trying to use the weedless setup I’m still getting hung up on a bunch of crud the Alabama leprechaun I have no problem working through grass but for some reason that shrimp I’m guessing I need to just try a lighter weight or a different setup I might have to try that owner twist lock deal


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