Top 10 DON’Ts For Beginner Saltwater Anglers


Is there a guide for beginner saltwater anglers to follow to avoid making common mistakes?

What are the top 10 do’s DON’Ts for beginner saltwater anglers?

In this episode, we discuss the DON’Ts for beginner inshore saltwater anglers and ways they can correct these errors!

What have you been struggling with the most?

We’ve got it all covered below!

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Guide For Beginner Saltwater Anglers [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 3:45 – #1: Don’t focus too much on the LURE rather than the SPOT
  • 7:28 – #2: Don’t stay in the same spot for too long
  • 10:21 – #3: Don’t fish the same spots over and over again
  • 11:09 – Why you need to move spots based on weather trends
  • 12:51 – #4: Don’t falsely believe boats have the advantage
  • 14:02 – Advantages of Wade Fishing
  • 15:20 – Ease of wade fishing in heavy winds
  • 16:21 – The TROPHY fish feed up in the shallows in saltwater
  • 16:58 – #5: Don’t be a GENERALIST, be a SPECIALIST
  • 19:29 – Master a handful of lures rather than try to use too many lures
  • 20:43 – #6: Don’t practice the WRONG habits
  • 21:54 – Learning the mechanics from our core fishing courses
  • 22:13 – #7: Don’t forget to Pre-Trip Plan
  • 26:39 – #8: Don’t go too big on your reel, rod, line, etc.
  • 30:56 – Using lighter braided line that usual
  • 31:38 – #9: Don’t bring TOO MUCH terminal tackle and gear
  • 36:00 – #10: Don’t ignore the CURRENT TRENDS
  • 37:09 – Power of the Weekend Gameplan
  • 38:21 – The importance of trends
  • 39:06 – Networking with other anglers in real-time
  • 40:40 – Do not worry about year-to-year trends as much as current, real-time trends
  • 42:31 – Come join us in the Insider Club TODAY
  • 43:31 – Invest in YOURSELF

Guide For Beginner Saltwater Anglers [VIDEO]

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If you are brand new to inshore saltwater fishing, you may face challenges and obstacles as you learn and improve upon your skills and knowledge of saltwater fishing.

Nobody becomes an expert overnight but correcting some of these common mistakes will make YOU a better angler!!

Be sure to get lines in the water whenever possible and soak up as much knowledge as you can from experienced anglers and fellow enthusiasts in our Insider Community!!

Do you have any more questions on the DON’Ts of inshore saltwater fishing?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Michael Quimuyog
1 year ago

Great info I’ve already scaled down my tackle to slam shady, Alabama leprechaun, s.s.bomber, power prawn, power prawn JR, and the moon walker is what I use most anymore, I need to learn more about trends. As far as intel info around here everyone has lock jaw, I’m on my own in that category, also not very computer savvy. However I am catching more fish since I joined the club, while I’m on that note Joe or Luke do I get any credit if I refer a friend to join the club?

Jon Fortune
2 years ago

Needed to hear this. Guilty as charged on fishing same spots. I will definitely stop this bad habit and fish new areas that I have ignored. Thanks fellas for another great podcast. Really enjoy the podcasts

Robert Scruggs
2 years ago

Not sure what happened but I have not been getting your emails

Phred Orsby
2 years ago

I learned a lot from this thanks for what you do I fish off of the jetties in Texas what advice can you give me to be better

Ralph Ramsey
2 years ago
Reply to  Phred Orsby

Check Wyatt’s videos of fishing from jetties; he has great advice

Neal Hagood
2 years ago
Reply to  Phred Orsby

As Ralph said…
That’s Wyatt Parcell. He has several very educational Jetty based videos here on SaltStrong. He is now based in Texas, near Aransas Pass.
Thght Lines!


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