These Are The Best Lures To Catch Finicky Fish (Rigging & Retrieve)

Have you ever been fishing and know for a fact you see fish but they flee at the sight of your lure?

It can be tricky to convince a finicky fish to strike an artificial lure.

Sometimes it relates to the time of day, feeding patterns, or overall presentation.

Find out the best two lures to use for finicky fish down below!!

These Are The Best Lures To Catch Finicky Fish [VIDEO]

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Finicky fish are fish that are easily spooked and skittish towards hitting an artificial lure.

If you are fishing in calm, clear conditions the lure you choose to throw has a huge impact on how the fish will react.

Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad

Jerk shads are streamlined bait that are used for finesse purposes.

When retrieving these lures, they will have a darting action depending on your retrieval speed and sharp rod twitches.

In the circumstance of using this lure for finicky fish, you will want to just bounce the jerk shad along the bottom very slowly.

The jerk shad will just bounce up and down trying to mimic a fleeing shrimp or a baitfish darting around near the bottom.

Finesse is key when using this lure for finicky fish.

If you choose to throw a paddletail, a skittish fish might take off the second you start swimming the lure.

Sometimes too much action or vibration can disinterest the fish and cause them to take off.

Finesse lures like the Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad are the go-to for fishing in calm, clear conditions.

Calm and clear conditions allow the fish to see everything and sense everything around them.

In this case, slow down your presentation and use more of a finesse approach.

You can rig the jerk shad on a 1/16 ounce 3/0 weedless hook to reduce the weight and create a slower presentation.

There may even be a time to fish this lure without weight to prevent a large disturbance in the water when you cast this lure out.

A heavier weight will also cause the jerk shad to dart around faster and sink faster which you do not want for spooked fish.

Try to go as light as possible without sacrificing casting distance or accuracy.

Power Prawn Jr.

The Power Prawn Jr. is slightly smaller than the Power Prawn but either one can work well for finicky fish.

These lures have similar action to the jerk shad but have much less of a darting movement.

Power Prawn Jr. will have more of an up and down jigging and bouncing on the bottom presentation.

You can also swim these shrimp lures using a straight reeling motion with a lighter weight.

By going with a lighter weight, you can reel these in as they swim just along the bottom.

The shrimp tail on this lure will not cause the same vibrations a paddletail or other swimbait lures will that may spook a fish.

Using the Power Prawn Jr. with an up and down jigging retrieve or a straight retrieve will keep it low to the bottom and create a streamlined presentation.

If you are fishing in darker water or low light conditions where visibility is limited, the larger Power Prawn would work best.

The larger profile can grab the attention of the fish better than the smaller Power Prawn Jr.


jerk shad vs paddletail

The key to fishing in calm, clear conditions is to use finesse-type lures like the Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad or the Power Prawn Jr. to create slow action and not scare finicky fish away.

When in doubt, slow down your retrieve and keep those lures close to the bottom by taking long pauses in between twitches.

The less vibration and commotion in the water and more finesse action can cause a fish to strike your lure.

Do you have any more questions about using finesse-style lures in calm conditions?

Let me know down in the comments!

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