Soft Plastic Jerkbaits

Here is the homepage for tips, tutorials, reviews, rigging, and more for soft plastic jerkbaits!

Jigheads Vs. Weighted Hooks (How They Sink & When To Use)

What does a jighead vs. a weighted hook look like underwater? If you understand what each hook looks like underwater, then you will better...
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This Is What The Nub Rig Looks Like Underwater

Have you tried out the infamous "nub" rig paddletail trick? By just tearing off the end of a paddletail you can achieve...
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You’ve Got To See This Solo Double-Up On Redfish

How can you pass up catching more than just one fish from an entire school of redfish? The solo double-up is for sure a challenge but...
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How To Trigger Strikes From Spooky Fish In The Fall

With fall already here and fish behavior changing, what are the best ways to trigger reaction strikes from spooked fish? The secret is...
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These Are The Best Lures For Low Tide (And How To Rig Them)

What are the best lures to use when you are fishing a low tide? Fishing a low tide is much different than a high tide. The best lures are...
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These Are The Best Lures To Catch Finicky Fish (Rigging & Retrieve)

Have you ever been fishing calm, clear conditions and wonder why you aren't catching more fish? The best lures to use for this scenario are...
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Best Lures To Catch More Fish At High Tide On Grass Flats

Do you often fish at high tide? What are your go-to lures? These lures are ideal to use at high tide to catch more fish...
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This Is How To Use Jerk Shads (Rigging & Retrieval Tips)

Are you struggling to catch fish using a jerk shad or our Alabama Leprechaun lure? You must remember to always...
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Depth Guide for Rigging Soft Plastics By Depth Range [Cheat Sheet PDF]

How do you know when to use what lure? Or what weight of a jighead? It has a lot to do with the depth of the water and...
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Why Is Buoyancy Important For The Best Lure Presentation?

Knowing a lot about your lure will grant you the ability to present it perfectly to predatory fish. Both buoyancy and weight play a role in...
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Gulp Jerk Shad Vs Alabama Leprechaun (Pros, Cons, & Rigging Tips)

Are you having a hard time getting finicky fish to bite? Jerk shads create great action through the water and although it takes a little...
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How To Use The MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait (For Big Trout & Redfish)

Are you looking for a new lure to try this year? The MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait is extremely versatile and if you know how to...
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