Best Beach Fishing Spots, Rigs, & More [w/Bama Beach Bum]


What are the best types of spots and rigs for beach fishing?

What can you do to better prepare for fishing off of the beach?

In this episode, we discuss the types of spots and rigs that are used to fish off of the beach with Bama Beach Bum!

To learn more about Bama Beach Bum, check him out on his YouTube channel HERE!!

What is the biggest fish you’ve caught off of the beach?

We’ve got it all covered below!

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Best Beach Fishing Tips [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 2:49 – SPOILER: Beach Fishing Mastery Course
  • 3:37 – Spring beach fishing progression
  • 6:07 – Where do you start on a beach?
  • 7:34 – Main areas of focus
  • 9:10 – Points and carveouts
  • 11:02 – Two approaches to surf fishing
  • 12:01 – Having a TARGET species in mind
  • 13:48 – Surf Fishing Bait Rigs
  • 17:16 – Set-rig fishing
  • 18:05 – Different types of weights & sinkers
  • 20:35 – Proper surf fishing gear & tackle
  • 22:19 – Casting off the surf
  • 23:04 – Reel options and mainline choices
  • 24:30 – Surf fishing artificial lures and jigs
  • 26:52 – Artificial lure weights
  • 28:56 – Larger plugs and lures
  • 29:30 – Biggest beach fishing mistakes
  • 31:33 – Craziest YouTube comments
  • 36:00 – Check out Bama Beach Bum on YouTube HERE

Best Beach Fishing Tips [VIDEO]

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surf fishing mistakes

Beach fishing can be for leisure or for tactically targeting some big fish!!

Be sure to get out to the beach and get a lay of the land before you choose where to set up and start fishing.

Keep in mind you can catch fish all up and down the beach and not just in the deeper water!!!

Want more Bama Beach Bum?

Check him out at the links below:

Have any questions about surf fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Want to catch more Pompano from the beach? Check out our Pompano Mastery course here.

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Sean Shimmel
1 year ago

I’ll sell my rods, I’ll sell my reels… all that matters is long, free hair 🙂 Keep it up. My goal is 15 fish, on average, a day… hair past my collar, and all.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sean Shimmel
Steve Dupree
1 year ago

Great discussion. I can’t wait to see the seminar. What price point do you see as the sweet spot for surf rods and reels? I know the TFO and Fuego recommendation on the inshore side. I see everything from low cost rods to the $400-500+ Lamiglas Century and St Croix rods. Plus obviously reels from a low cost Fierce to a Van Stall.

1 year ago

this is great thank you so much

Justin Bradburn
1 year ago

Mortician rigs are the best. I gave one to Matt one day.

Franklin Valencia
1 year ago

Oh man! So happy Matt and Wyatt teaming up on this course! I’ve been Matt’s sub for years, and so happy seeing this podcast! So pumped to see this new course! He has been a great instructor and expert beach angler for me over the years! Great podcast Joe! So excited he’s onboard with us!

Jim VanLengen
1 year ago

I enjoyed the podcast. I winter in Florida on the east coast, and don’t think I have ever seen the ocean flat. Once maybe. This season has been horrible. Sand fleas have disappeared so just throwing salted clams and fish bites, or shrimp. Since mid January no keeper whiting, pompano, only Atlantic sharp nose sharks, catfish, and blues. Do you think it is climate related,(I.e. temperature), or herbicides and fertilizer killing off the sand fleas? Thanks
Fishing from ponce inlet to canaveral #5.

Justin Bradburn
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim VanLengen

No. It’s winter, the dead time of year for beach fishing.

Justin Bradburn
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim VanLengen

Additionally. The northern gulf coast gets north winds frequently. The coast is east to west and vice versa. Given that, it knocks down the waves.

It’s totally wild looking, like a giant lake sometimes.

The pompano fishing here is phenomenal, by the way. It’s the only place on the North American continent that you can catch pompano year round.

Levi Meyer
1 year ago

I’m excited for this. I started fishing august of 2021 in the Palm Bay Area when we moved here. Knowing very little about salt water fishing, I had way more luck on the surf. I would head out with my 7’ pole and cast out my yo-zuri 3d fingerling or a larger rápala black and silver 5” suspended hard plastic lures. From blue fish to jack to mackerel, I’d be pulling in more fish than the live bait people around me. Even pulled in a 28” snook down in fort pierce. Can’t wait for spring and summer beach fishing. I’ll be waiting to read up on this mastery course.


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