This Is How I Caught The Biggest Redfish Of My Life


Last month, I caught the biggest redfish of my life in the Mosquito Lagoon.

And, I was only using artificial lures on this trip.

If you haven’t seen this clip already, then you surely don’t want to miss it this time!!

Biggest Redfish Of My Life [VIDEO]

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The area I was fishing on this trip is very near and dear to my own heart.

This particular flat is kind of the “spot that started it all” for me.

About 12 years ago, this was the first flat that I fished out in Mosquito Lagoon and I had a banner day filled with over-slot redfish.

In addition to that, I haven’t been back to fish these waters in about 4-5 years.

Nevertheless, I am back with an updated pre-trip plan ready to encounter bull redfish and whatever else may come my way.

To begin the day, I wanted to throw the Moonwalker for a while and see if I can trigger any topwater strikes before making the switch over to subsurface lures.

This worked for a bit as I cruised up and down shady shorelines catching snook of varying sizes.

I then happened to hook into a much nicer snook but opted not to switch to a stronger leader earlier which definitely cost me a Moonwalker and the snook.

Shaded areas along shorelines and mangroves are going to be areas of particular notice during the summertime, especially right now.

Later in the morning, the mosquitoes had run me out from where I was fishing so I decided to stand up on the kayak and try sight fishing some redfish.

I was able to see the outline of redfish muddling around on the bottom in the grass.

The Catch

After minimal luck and tons of mosquito bites, I contemplated packing it in and heading for the ramp.

But, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and made me curious enough to investigate and make a cast.

A few 40-inch bull redfish were slowly tailing across the flat.

Happy, unpressured fish.

I had the Power Prawn U.S.A. in the Slam Shady color rigged up on a weedless hook all ready to go.

This was my chance to stealthily paddle over and make some casts.

After initially thinking I completely botched my chance, I pitched the prawn in front of a bull and it inhaled it.

Shortly thereafter, I was holding the biggest redfish I had ever caught on an artificial lure.

This area is where I fell in love with fishing and with the lagoon itself.

It is truly remarkable for me to come out and be able to hook into a fish like that in this location.

➡Get the Moonwalker

➡Get the Power Prawn U.S.A. in Slam Shady color


This was all about proper pre-trip planning and staying in tune with current trends.

I put together a plan for the day beforehand and made on-the-water adjustments in conjunction with that plan to put myself in better positions to catch over-slot fish.

Smart Fishing Spots puts all this planning into one simple, easy-to-use app so you can reel in bull redfish like this in no time!

Do you have any questions about how I caught the biggest redfish of my life?

Let me know what you thought of this once-in-a-lifetime catch below!!!

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Thomas DelFera
6 months ago

Justin you did a great job and thanks for the tips keep your tip up

Alex Faugno
6 months ago

Congratulations man! Beautiful fish!

Daniel Zimmerer
6 months ago

Great fish, Justin, appreciate the video.

Dale King
6 months ago

Wow. Great job. That’s what keeps us on the water.

Brett Coates
6 months ago

Incredible video! Thanks for sharing this. So fun. I watched with my youngest son. What a catch.


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