Chasebaits “Crusty Crab” Fishing Lure Review (Plus Retrieval Tips)

By: Tony Acevedo on December 12, 2018
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chasebaits crusty crab review

Have you tried these “Crusty Crab” lures from Chasebaits?

I’ve seen quite a few anglers claiming they’ve had success catching everything from redfish, black drum, and sheepshead on them, so I figured that I’ve them a shot.

I recently did a review on the larger Chasebait “Smash Crab” (see that review here), so I was excited to see how these smaller crabs did out on the water.

Here are the overall findings (with a video review and tips below):

Pros Of The Chasebaits Crusty Crab

chasebaits crusty crab lure review

  • Very durable (these lures will last forever)
  • The always land in the water face up due to how they are weighted
  • They look incredibly realistic (look just like a fiddler crab)
  • 2-inches (great size lure when fish are feeding on smaller bait)

Cons Of The Chasebaits Crusty Crab

chasebaits crusty crab review

  • Very light (tough to cast in the wind)
  • Don’t store them without plastic lures (they will melt together)

Watch below for the full review (plus casting and retrieval tips)

Chasebaits Crusty Crab Review (VIDEO)

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What are your thoughts on this lure?

Have you used it?

Any other favorite crab lure you love?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Tight lines!

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Dustin Burbage

How do these stack up to the gulp peeler crabs? I tried the gulps yesterday but they were getting absolutely destroyed by small trash fish. Two or three casts and almost nothing would be left of the gulp. If that sort of thing a problem for the Crusty’s?

Daniel Doskis

ordered some crusty crabs there sending me different ones crusty crabs!from amazon guess they got sold out?

John Mulcair

Hey Tony,
Very good review of the “crusty crab”. Are crab lures a good choice as we go into the winter, or are they
only effective in the summer?

Robert Fontana

Hi Tony, Since this lure is so light, curious if you tried fishing it on a Carolina rig? You’d be able to throw it a lot farther and you can still drag it slowly on the bottom.

Joe Files

Will he catch a sheepshead/

Chuck Gleichmann

Looks interesting for sheephead. Did you buy them locally or on line? Any suggestion on color.

Tom Widman

Great review and tips. I was out on the water using the Smash Crab yesterday and caught a keeper red based on your tips in your video of that bait. I will definitely buy the Crusty Crab and follow your tips for that as well. I cut open the red’s stomach and there was one small bait fish and a bunch of tiny brown crabs even smaller than the Crusty. Looks like a good bait. Thanks again, Tom

Paula Nelson

Thanks for the review and the class. I’m looking forward to trying them.

Guy Leveille

Thanks for the review Tony! Between James Tintle and your reviews, I pulled the trigger and ordered a package of them in the Tan color. Looking forward to trying them out! Actually, it’s been 2 months since I’ve been on the water, I’d be happy to soak a dead shrimp in a puddle at this point! 😳
Looking forward to similar results in the IR/ML area soon!

Lucas Lastra

Nice review, are you fishing from a paddle board these days Tony?

Danny Trevino

Mine just came in today! Looking forward to trying it out soon! Thanks for the retrieve tips! James Tintle has been doing really well with these lures from what I’ve seen.

Robert Gaddis

Nice review. I found them on Amazon. Any recommendation regarding the color for the Crusty Crab? Amazon has eight colors listed. Ghost, Gold Digger, Gold Fleck, Mossy, Muddie, Pumpkin, Purple Fiddler and Tan. Thanks.

Richard Fiorentino

Great video Tony- Have you tried any of the other crab lures?

Jonathan Getz

He’s got a good one on the Gulp crabs.


Caught two nice reds on the Jr size a couple weeks ago. About 6 inches of water in a mud flat. The hammered it! Wish I could post pics on this page.

James Tintle

Tony, great review! I did have an issue with it landing face up with 40# flouro leader fishing the pier pylons. Once I switched to 25# that issue went away. I have to agree with all of your points. The only issue I found catching exclusively sheepshead on it was the hook had a tendency to bend and became dull after a few fish. Won’t stop me from fishing it. Plus I hooked a 18″ snook on it on a slow straight retrieve in current.

Steven Free

Yea Tony I just became a life member considered it since I joined in 2017 I decided that it’s probably worth it instead of paying the yearly dues every year but back to the crabs awesome vid as usual what website do I have to go on to order any? I want to try both I bought a crab similar from savage gear lures but have yet to try it but like the chasebaits crab savage gears lures are also made of that tough plastic you are referring to thanks for all you do😁

Charles Phillippi

Awesome video. Do you think it would work dropped down pier pilings? Seems like it would work as using live fiddlers for sheepies.
Definitely worth a look. Keep up great work.