How To Put A Ruler On Your Fishing Rod (Quik Measure Pro Tutorial)


“What’s your personal best trout?”

If someone asks you that, you want to be able to give them a specific number.

Saying, “Ah, I didn’t have a tape measure with me, but I think she was 27 inches!” just doesn’t sound all that believable.

So if you’re prone to forgetting a tape measure, or you’re a minimalist, then you’re going to love this Quick Measure Pro tutorial.

The Quick Measure Pro is a tape measure that goes on your rod so you can always have a measuring device with you.

It’ll help you be prepared for that next PB, and if you plan on bringing some fish home for dinner, it can help you make sure your fish is in the legal slot.

Check it out in the video below!

Quik Measure Pro Tutorial [VIDEO]

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Isn’t this awesome?!

Whether you put it on your rod, net, paddle, or kayak, now you don’t need to bring anything extra to measure your fish.

Have any questions about the Quik Measure Pro?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Charles Enquist
11 months ago

I don’t see this in the insider tackle shop?

Mike Culpepper
3 years ago

When I was younger (and cheaper), I used my mom’s nail polish to mark the min and max ends of the slots for specks and reds. Silver for specs and red for reds. Let dry and cover with clear. Held up surprisingly well to salt and sun. This is a more elegant solution.

John Young
3 years ago

These are definitely a nice addition for easy access equipment. My dad taught me to use automotive pin striping tape. I usually start off at 12″ above the top rod cushion and wrap a strip every 1 or 2 inches, upto whatever you need. Plus a roll of pin striping tape costs half of this. Not to take away from this product. Wish I would have developed it 20 years ago.

3 years ago

Do you offer a product for fisherman like me who only catch fish bigger than 36”?

Larry Poe
3 years ago

I will give this a try. Could have used it yesterday. Fish Story to follow.
I use yakgear The Fish Stick in my kayak.. Caught a PB grouper inshore yesterday. Didn’t want to lift it out of the water. Felt like reeling in a 20# turkey. Fiddling around with my usual measuring tool …you know the rest of the story. Your ruler might have helped.

3 years ago

We need one in cm

Roger Beck
3 years ago

Nice product and it would eliminate a piece of equipment that I carry on my boat or kayak. Thanks!

Tom Marks
3 years ago

I custom build rods and have been putting on decorative thread wraps to indicate minimum lengths. Since inshore fish have slots I have started to add extra wraps. That said I like the tape should be a standard feature on quality rods. I might start putting it on my custom rods.

3 years ago
Reply to  Tom Marks

That was my first thought too, incorporating it on the next rod I build. Would be nice if they were separated and didn’t have to cut them, probably a mute point once you put the finish on the rod.

Pat Ogletree
3 years ago

Question about the product. I’ve used the Fish Rule R brand a couple of times and noticed that sunblock will rub the numbers off almost instantly. Does this have a coating that will protect the print so it doesn’t get rubbed off? I like the idea, the clear backing looks way better than anything else I’ve seen. It would be nice if they made them in different sizes. Maybe something over 40 inches for big reds and snook.

Quik Measure Pro Fish Rulers
3 years ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Hi Pat, Quik Measure Pro here. Appreciate your question. We incorporate a fade resistant, matte finish overlaminate to our Rulers to help avoid exactly what you’re describing, so you are good to go there! Regarding the different sizes, we see a lot of fishermen who may put 2 of them end to end for reds & snook since Salt Strong retails these in a twin pack. Should you need something larger, we also offer 72″ long x 1″ tall transparent Boat Rulers featuring larger print to adhere on gunwales, casting platforms, etc and hope to have those also available with Salt Strong member discount eventually too! Hope this helps!

Cesar Elizondo
3 years ago

Do you have to worry about it stretching when you apply it ?

Quik Measure Pro Fish Rulers
3 years ago
Reply to  Cesar Elizondo

Hi Cesar, Quik Measure Pro founder here. Appreciate the question. The packaging, decal materials, and instructions are all designed to minimize chances of affecting measurement accuracy. In the video, you’ll notice he applies the decal first to the fishing rod lengthwise, and then he proceeds to press the decal down during the heated application. This helps get it on the surface gently, before using much force or warping. After working with countless different materials and fishing rod install trial and error, the optimal balance of durability, adhesion, and resistance to warping is our top priority for fishermen. Also why we make all our products right here in the USA. Does that answer your question?


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