How To Rig A Shrimp Weedless (Quick & Easy Way)

By: Tony Acevedo on May 20, 2019
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how to rig a shrimp weedless

It’s shrimp rigging time!

Nearly every species of fish will eat a live shrimp…

And nearly every species of fish likes to ambush prey from the cover of structure…

But when you try to freeline a live shrimp in heavy structure like trees or docks, they often get snagged, causing you to lose your hook and shrimp, plus all the time it takes for you to re-tie.

Has this happened to you?

Check out the video below where I’ll teach you how to rig a weedless shrimp, and share some tips and tactics on fishing with them in heavy structure.


Weedless Shrimp Rig [VIDEO]

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Weedless Shrimp Fishing

Fishing a shrimp weedless is great for fishing structure such as:

  • Trees
  • Oyster bars
  • Docks
  • Jetties
  • Rocks
  • Bridges
  • Grass flats

You can catch snook, redfish, trout, flounder and more on live shrimp in these areas.

To rig shrimp weedless, follow these steps:

Step #1: Pinch off the tail (to release more scent and attract more fish)

pinch off shrimp tail

Step #2: Insert the hook up through the bottom of the tail

how to rig a shrimp weedless

Step #3: Pull the weed guard under the hook point

gamakatsu weedless hook for shrimp

Step #4: Pinch the weed guard to give the hook an angle to rest in

gamakatsu weedless hook


What To Avoid

Although this can be a very effective way to catch fish, there are two big things to avoid:

  • When retrieving, don’t yank on the shrimp. This can pop the weed guard out and lead to snagging.
  • If you’re caught in the trees, just give a little pop to help the shrimp come out. Again, don’t yank it, as that will likely lead to popping the weed guard and snagging.


Have you had issues with getting snagged while fishing shrimp in heavy structure?

These weedless hooks have been so helpful in decreasing the number of times I get snagged, allowing me to keep my bait in the strike zone longer and catch more fish.

Have any questions about rigging weedless shrimp?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Steven McCallum
2 months ago

What kind of gloves do you use?

Rick Thompson
1 year ago

Smart tip very useful. Thanks

Robert Bulla
1 year ago

Nice tip Tony !

Marcus Lane
1 year ago

The weedless hooks are definitely nice to have in structure. I do use smaller hooks when free lining live shrimp however. #1 or #2 and hook them just under the horn for live shrimp. Try it. You’re gonna like it. As mentioned in the video, cutting the tail and tail hooking is best for skipping bait. Thanks for the info.

Jacinda Rose
1 year ago

Nice job…great tips!

BOB Kuebler
1 year ago

I sometimes hook my shrimp from the bottom up through the back of the carapace and attach the weedguard. This way there is a balance to the rig. Have you ever tried it this way. I would appreciate a yea or nay on this. Thanks and great fishin.

Sergio Gonzalez
1 year ago

Thanks for the video, when hooking through the head, do you also remove the tail, I guess if you want the shrimp to swim you probably wont want to remove the tail…