Jerk Shad Hook Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Tackle


Next time you’re out on the water, think of these jerk shad hook hacks!

On a recent trip, I left all the gear I meant to take out with me on the kitchen counter at home.

I had to make the most of what I had with me – which inspired me to come up with a few NEW hacks!

Learn more about these jerk shad hook hacks below!!

Jerk Shad Hook Hacks [VIDEO]

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Featured Gear:

Hoss Helix Hooks are my preferred choice when inshore fishing in shallow water.

But I didn’t have those on this trip.

So I was forced to use something a bit different.

All I had was a belly-weighted grip pin hook.

Typically, you lose chunks of plastic on these types of hooks and sometimes you lose bites too because of the weight on the hook shank.

But being that I was forced to use these hooks, I came up with a couple of different hacks to get the most out of this setup using jerk shads.

The rig I ended up relying on for this trip was a Slam Shady Jerk Shad rigged on a grip pin style hook.

Normally, these hooks aren’t the best pairing with plastisol-based baits.

Hack #1

I start by creating a small pilot hole with the hook point on the nose of the lure.

Then take the hook and push the the top of the hook in through the bottom of the lure and out through the pilot hole you just made.

This way, the hook never slides through the entire lure which frequently causes damage.

This technique much easier and will protect your baits so you can use them longer.

Also, this will work just the same with Z-Man plastics made from their ElaZtech material.

Now, this bait is rigged up and ready to go without any additional damage.

Hack #2

After you’ve caught a few fish, oftentimes the hook won’t fully skin-hook in the top of the lure.

That can be extremely frustrating.

Instead of remaining weedless, you end up picking up tons of grass.

When the jerk shad keeps slipping down the hook, I like to flip the lure.

Slide the hook just as I detailed above but on the opposite side.

You won’t be able to tell the difference from a normally rigged-up lure in terms of action.

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Ronald Peedin
8 months ago

really good

Neal Hagood
8 months ago

Great hacks based on an immediate need/necessity!
I was almost there the last time I was out, but after a frustrating search in my yak, I found the missing box in the Hobie seat back pouch, Why, When & DUH? !.
Thanks for sharing!

James McKinney
8 months ago

Hey Matt- great video. I have found that the screw lock can get torn up as well as the body sliding down as the bait gets beat up. I have removed the bait and clipped off a small piece, reinserted the lock and hook in clean plastic and continued using the same bait for several more casts and hook-ups. The flip over and reentering from the top works well too. Thanks for the tips!

Douglas Krawczyk
8 months ago

Great tips Matt. TY

Ricky Strickland
8 months ago

Great demo. Thanks for the ideas.

Mike Smith
8 months ago

Good info Matt,
Yesterday I got the my little key west 1720 boat , launched , and realized I forgot my dry bag , all the rain coats are in it , and the terrova trolling motor remote was too ..instant plan changer right there ,

Pablo Diaz
8 months ago

Very nice Matt!!! – I have plenty of style hooks and this will definitely help when out of one style. Great video

terry hinton
8 months ago

Thank you Matt!

David R Sicard
8 months ago

That’s a great tip, Thanks Sir

8 months ago

Great information to have. Thanks Mat.


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