How To Use MirrOlure Twitchbaits To Catch Fall Redfish & Trout


As the water gets colder and the fish get more lethargic, they’ll stop hitting topwater lures and quick-moving soft plastics.

So what can you do?

Switch to soaking shrimp on the bottom?

That could work, but if you love throwing artificial lures like me, then you might want to try out some sinking and suspending twitchbaits.

I used them last winter and after the first few cold fronts this year, and have caught some nice redfish and trout with them.

In this video, you’re going to see exactly how I use them so you can catch fish on them, too.


How To Use MirrOlures For Fall Redfish & Trout [VIDEO]

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Suspending Twitchbaits

Suspending twitchbaits are great for covering the shallows in cold weather when the fish are less likely to chase down baits.

The goal is to get the lure in front of the fish’s face and let it sit there.

It’s not a great search bait and you won’t cover lots of water with it, but if you know where the fish are, then it’s a really effective lure.

All I do is cast it up current and give it some twitches as it floats back down with the current like all the other bait.

The twitches make it look like an injured baitfish, plus it makes the lure flash in the water.

I like to use the 27MR size earlier in the season because it’s a bigger lure and that’s when the baitfish are biggest.

I like to use the 17MR later in the late fall and during winter because it’s a smaller lure and that’s when baitfish are smallest.

Sinking Twitchbaits

Whereas suspending twitchbaits are good for shallow water, sinking twitchbaits are better for deeper water, such as ledges and dropoffs.

I like to use it around creek mouths or bends where I know there’s a gradual dropoff and, just like the suspending twitchbaits, cast it up current and give it some twitches as it floats back down toward me.

It’s got some great darting action and vertical motion when you twitch it, and I’ve caught a ton of trout with it.


how to catch redfish in coastal creeks

When the water gets colder and the fish get more lethargic, suspending and sinking twitchbaits work great at getting fish to bite.

Just cast them up current where you know fish are feeding, let them float back down naturally with the current, give them a few twitches, and it’s fish on!

Have any questions about using these lures in late fall and early winter?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Mark Jenkin
3 years ago

Hi Wyatt. Have you ever used the Catch 2000 by Mirrolure? I’ve had great luck with it in the Spring for schoolie Stripers. Unfortunately they stopped making the Catch 2000. I haven’t figured out the equivalent that they make yet. I still have a couple of them left though. I found some in the bargain cave at Cabela’s a few years ago.

Steve Rackas
3 years ago

Nice video Wyatt. I think you and Tony do a great job of explaining in detail what you are trying to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

Steven Carter
3 years ago

I noticed you switched to single hooks on the mr17…which size did you use? Thanks!

3 years ago

Great video on utilizing those lure types, unfortunately I have to disagree with you on only using those lures in fall and winter. Especially in Florida. I use almost exclusively MirroLure products throughout the year on the west coast of Florida. There are so many more ways to utilize both 27MR and 17MR as search baits as well. I personally have multiple ways to work each one based on water and weather conditions. One of the main pros with fishing a hard bait like the 17MR you can cast it a country mile, dart cast to specific target and it easily casts into the wind. So I say, it is definitely a GO TO lure throughout the year and should always be rigged up on a pole!


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