The Ultimate Mono Vs Fluoro Knot Strength Test (Final Results)


It’s knot strength time!

We’ve been testing the abrasion and the knot strength of monofilament and fluorocarbon.

And there have been some serious surprises so far!

Check out the knot strength test for monofilament versus fluorocarbon line below!

Mono Vs Fluoro Knot Strength Contest [VIDEO]

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In this knot strength test, I used the non-slip loop knot to a swivel that is wetted in water prior to the test.

And the results are in!

If you want to try out these lines for yourself, you can get them from our online tackle shop here:

Here are the full results of this test:

Mono vs Fluoro Knot Strength Test
Mono vs Fluoro Knot Strength Test

So the Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon line was the winner!

Going from Vanish to Seaguar will increase your knot strength by 20% and if you jump from 15# Ande Mono to 20# Seaguar Fluoro, you’ll increase your knot strength by 9%.

I’m still sticking with Ande Monofilament for many reasons:

  • More affordable
  • More abrasion resistant
  • Only a slight difference in knot strength

Here are the full results of the abrasion test:

Shocking Results! New Mono vs Fluoro Line Abrasion Contest

And the visibility test is coming up next!!

Do you have any line and knot combinations you’d like me to compare?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Malcolm Hayward
1 month ago

Back to the same old same old.
All lines should have a 24 hour soak in fresh or salt water as relevent.
In the past, this soak has made a huge difference.
Concerned that the knots are cutting themselves. If at all possible use little crimps. Metal to mono should always be the failure point.

Mark Johnson
1 month ago

Is there a reason why you haven’t tested the ANDE fluorocarbon leader? The ANDE fluorocarbon leader is less expensive than the Seaguar. Just curious since you carry the ANDE monofilament leader. Thanks.

Kerry Andrews
1 month ago

Far and away the best practical information on any site on the internet.
Thank you all.

Jerry Dexter
1 month ago

Thanks Luke, I have been wondering about that , afraid to use the loop knot, for fear of losing a good fish!!

Robert Stevens
1 month ago

Just far a giggle, I would like to see results with a 20# Ande. I know it’s larger diameter but usually I’m buying the poundage not the diameter.

Randal Jones
1 month ago

Thanks Luke, Very much appreciated, been watching these results closely. Great job.

Don Horton
1 month ago

Great work Luke! Thanks for sharing all your testing. It is very helpful in answering questions we probably all have about fluorcarbon vs mono. Your results helps us refine our fishing tactics and technics. I suspect tying all those knots for testing gets a bit old at times but hey you’re getting a lot of practice! Thanks.

Philip Stoddard
1 month ago

Thanks, Luke. I’ve lost more fish to leader abrasion than breakage of my loop knots. In fact, when a lure is stuck, I appreciate being able to break off deliberately at the hook. For those reasons alone, mono seems the better compromise. Add price and it’s hard to justify fluorocarbon.

Tyson Dominy
1 month ago

This is great information. It is always great to make a decision on data and not urban legend. I have been using a different loop knot that I find much easier to tie and had never failed me. I would like to see a test of the different loop knots that people are using.

Guy Leveille
1 month ago

Hey Luke, I always enjoy reading your test results! I’ve been a “mono-leader” man ever since you did the first abrasion test a few years ago and I don’t think I’ve ever lost a fish since due to abrasion failure.
I’m curious to know if switching to the yellow/Hi-vis braided line has any effect on scaring fish away? I’d like to switch over to it so that I can track my line in the water easier. I’m using green braid these days (Power Pro) and I guess I’m getting old, because I’m having greater difficulty in seeing it these days. Lol


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