Finding Fish On Mud Flats During Outgoing Tide [Fishing Report]


Some of the best days of fishing are on mud flats during outgoing tide!

In this on-the-water report, Fishing Coach Richard Thomas hooks into fish after fish just cruising up and down a shoreline over a mudflat.

Check it all out right here!!

Mud Flats During Outgoing Tide [VIDEO]

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Oyster bars and structure close to shorelines are most commonly exposed on low tide and covered up by water when the tide fills back in.

Predatory fish will use these structures on outgoing tides to sit behind and wait to strike bait as it is washed by in the current.

You want to position yourself along the shoreline where your bait appears to be doing the same.

Your bait should swim in the direction of the current around these underwater structures.

Be sure to use at least 20-lb test leader material around oyster bars and sharper structure.


Spring is here and the fish are biting!!!

Incoming and outgoing tides on mudflats and around structure can be your best bet to find fish right now.

Keep an eye out on spots with deep holes and creek shorelines that fill out into larger bodies of water.

Do you have any more questions about fishing mudflats during outgoing tide?

Let me know down in the comments section below!!

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Allen Pollack
9 months ago

I recognized that first creek with the grassy point – my favorite spot. A little further in and around the bed is a nice hole, about 20’ deep. And that’s one creek you can get into on low tide. Are you in the Jax area…Ever consider going out with others? I have a boat and still learning how to convert from fresh to salt.

Allen Pollack
9 months ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

Thx. See you on the water.

Brett Harris
9 months ago

Looks like the reds are hungry up in Jax! Congrats on a great day!

Robert Nolan
9 months ago

I have always been skeptical of ordering on the internet. I decided to give the Moonwalker a try one of my better decisions this thing will catch ole line sides and trout. When my order came I was going to go to Chuckoluski but life prevented me from taking the trip. I gave one to a friend to carry and try still being a skeptic. He called from down south praising the lure caught 3 trout on the first 3 cast I am really looking forward to fishing the moonwalker. again thanks will let you know and will try to send pics.

Ira Newman
9 months ago

I do not have a kayak. I own a bass tracker17 footer. my question to you is can I take my boat into these waters at 3 to 5 ft that5 you was fishing in?

Steven Free
9 months ago
Reply to  Ira Newman

The first boat I ever fished in saltwater was the tournament TX 17 ft bass tracker an 83 with a 70 hp merc great boat but as I looked into it found out one needs to be extra careful in maintenance and upkeep on a freshwater boat used in the salt in other words DONT FORGET TO FLUSH YOUR MOTOR every time after usage donot forget because a freshwater boats engine does not have any corrosive inhibitors on it or in it like a saltwater motor does like sacrificial anodes or thicker piston walls and stainless steel fittings think about it but if you do take care of it like it takes care of you you shouldnt have any problems just saying and goodluck😉👍

Bob Sherman
9 months ago

I noticed the microwave guides. What rod was that? Great show!


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