What The Best Type Of Pier To Fish Is (And Catch More Fish)


It’s pier fishing time!

Pier fishing has been around for ages and is one of the most effective ways to get tight lines without a boat. However, not all piers are created equal.

So in this episode, we break down pier tactics, which piers are best for certain situations, and how to make the best of pier fishing during the summer months.

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Pier Fishing Tactics [VIDEO]

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Pier Fishing Tactics [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 2:38 – This is one of the biggest pier fishing mistakes
  • 5:12 – To set your rod down or not to?
  • 5:40 – Inland vs. beach piers
  • 7:20 – Think about these things when gearing up for pier fishing
  • 8:26 – Easiest type of pier to fish on (and catch fish)
  • 9:45 – Try this for a more relaxed pier fishing experience
  • 12:26 – Do not say this word
  • 13:20 – Beach pier fishing species to target
  • 16:39 – Make sure you do this before you go pier fishing
  • 18:48 – Catching a tarpon on the pier (what do you do?)
  • 22:15 – Seasonality of beach pier fishing
  • 22:40 – Inland pier fishing seasons
  • 23:34 – Leader line to use when pier fishing
  • 25:05 – Luke’s recommendation for an easy setup
  • 27:11 – Catching baitfish to engage kids
  • 28:01 – Where to cast when pier fishing
  • 29:33 – Here is the biggest rig mistake for pier fishing
  • 31:40 – How many rods do you really need?
  • 33:07 – Your two go-to setups for pier fishing
  • 35:56 – Four lures you must have for the pier
  • 41:55 – Technique for pier fishing to catch a ton of fish
  • 43:50 – Taking kids fishing on a pier
  • 44:47 – What side of the pier should you fish from?
  • 46:44 – The new FWC Florida pier locator (Learn how to use the FWC pier finder here)
  • 47:34 – Best types of piers to fish during the summer
  • 49:31 – Piers near inlets and passes
  • 52:14 – Fishing around marinas and Joe’s pet snook


which side of fishing pier

There are certain types of piers that are better for different seasons and migrations of fish.

And a beach pier offers a totally different experience than inland piers.

So, you just have to decide what is a better fit for you and make sure you bring the right gear for the situation!

Have any questions about fishing on piers this summer?

Let me know down in the comments!

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George Washington
9 months ago

Thank U guys. This was fun.

Marc Wisniewski
2 years ago

This and the vacation podcast are GREAT information and right up my wheelhouse. All of my Florida fishing for the past 20 years is done on family vacations, so I’ve only fished piers, shore access spots, or beaches. Piers are my #1 choice because it seems like there is always something around them. Like you said, all the action is close to, or right under some of these piers. One of my favorite baits for fishing vertical is a simple 1/4, 3/8 to 1/2 ounce jigging spoon. Drop it to the bottom, start ripping it, wind up two turns, start ripping it. Repeat till you get to the surface. Move down 5 paces and start over. It almost never fails. The other tactic you spoke of, walking a lure, is so deadly. We use it up here on the Great Lakes to run a bait along a seawall or breakwall. We call it “S’trolling” or “Polish-trolling” (its OK, I’m a “ski”). When I was down this last time I was on the big T-shaped pier off Ringling Causeway in Sarasota. I was there at first light till about 9:00am and there wasn’t another person on that pier. I walked out to the T, chucked a long cast with a 3/8ths head and a 3″ paddle tail and S’Trolled it back to the base of the pier all morning. I just walked fast enough to make bottom contact here and there. At least 3/4 of the passes, I caught something. It was primarily Jacks, small Grouper, and flounder, but I did have one spanish that day and a truck load of lizards. It was non-stop action. If you live down there you may be more selective about what you catch, but as a short term visitor with no boat, this pier stuff is a blast. The Sunshine Skyway is great but its a bit of a nut house at times. I have found so many small piers and shore spots with no one there till I’m leaving at 9:30 am that are so peacefull with great action. There are so many good spots from Siesta Key up to Anna Maria. I’ve also fished some great Piers in the Port Canaveral and Titusville area. Same story. Great action. Great topic and I hope you continue to cover this more. Thank you!

John Buchanan
2 years ago

I think you can’t use grocery store shrimp on the Texas coast unless you are sure it is Gulf Shrimp.

David Bragg
2 years ago

I really enjoyed this podcast. Those details are what I need and can’t ever get. People only want to tell what they caught but not the type of lure, hook size, leader size, braided or mono, etc. I am from Oklahoma and never fished the ocean. Beach fishing and kayaking the Tomoka Basin are both less than a block away for me, but my skills for each are quite poor. At least my results are poor. This helps!

Steve Dupree
2 years ago

Outstanding discussion. You mentioned using spoons and Gotcha Lures. Are there any specific rods and reels that you would recommend for throwing them given that many are 1oz+?

Wyatt Parcel
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve Dupree

I most often use a custom rod that’s rated for lures up to 3oz but I have used my inshore setups to throw Gotcha Plugs, as many of them are rated up to an ounce. The big key is just making sure your rod can handle what it is you’re throwing!

Steve Dupree
2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thanks. So basically you are saying two rods. The heavier one for throwing the spoons , Gotcha lures and bigger stuff and the medium heavy inshore that can throw up to an ounce.

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

You guys have done pretty good with your soft plastics, why not design a jig head , preferably with rattles?

Justin Ritchey
2 years ago

It’s in discussion for sure 🙂

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

what is an ‘inland’ pier?

Justin Ritchey
2 years ago

Good question! I would say an Inland Pier is any dock/pier/structure that is not directly on the Beach facing the Ocean. So a Community Dock or Fishing Dock that connects to a Creek, River or Bay would be considered an Inland Pier.

2 years ago

A pier inside the bay

Charles Phillippi
2 years ago

Great “fire side” chat. Very informative for us shore bound fisherman that do pier fishing. Can relate to Wyatt losing a “rod” off a pier. I lost a Penn Senator setup off the Gandy Bridge, when they had the catwalk still attached. Some Tarpon took home a souvenir that night. Keep up the great work, been here since 2016 during the platinum days. SaltStrong 4 life.

Wyatt Parcel
2 years ago

It’s such a heartbreaking moment…. not only are you losing a rod, you’re losing a fish too!!

2 years ago

Always informative. I do like pictures or video to explain your tips. Thanks

Rex Russo
2 years ago

Heck, pole -v- rod? $1 for saying pole! Wow! Anyway, I drink a beer every time one of you says “a ton of” something or other, and two beers if it’s something intangible (ex. “a ton of fun”). Try it!


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