3 Things To Know If You Want To Catch Redfish In The Surf


Redfish are running the beaches!

And they are A LOT closer than you think…

So in this new video, you’ll learn:

  • The beach structure you need to find
  • What baits work best for redfish in the surf
  • The two best rigs for catching redfish from the beach
  • And more

Check it out!

How To Catch Redfish In The Surf [VIDEO]

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Finding Beach Structure & Where To Cast

When you arrive at the beach, you’ll need to identify structure.

Click here to see the Reading The Beach Lesson.

Try to find the troughs and sandbars as you walk the beach and look for the closest structure with enough water for fish to cruise.

Redfish can be in really shallow water and very close to shore!

They’ll be cruising the troughs chasing baitfish and on top of sandbars feeding.

Make sure you have baits out in different places so you have the best chance to find their feeding zone.

I’d have bait on the backside of the shore break, in the first trough, at the edges of sandbars, and on top of the sandbar.

Best Bait & Rigs For Redfish In The Surf

Always bring a variety of bait to determine what redfish are feeding on that day.

Fresh shrimp, crab knuckles, Fishbites, and mullet or cutbait are all fantastic baits for redfish.

There are several rigs to use in the surf too.

A double dropper rig with a sputnik sinker will help you identify where in the water column they are feeding (higher or lower).

And a fish finder rig will keep your baits on the bottom and are great for live baitfish and cut bait.

Use a lighter weight for finger mullet and heavier pyramid weight when the larger mullet start to run!

Best Artificial Lures For Redfish In The Surf

Catching redfish on artificial lures is a ton of fun in the surf.

But make sure you have clean water and calm conditions so you can sight cast for them!

Cast parallel to the beach and retrieve the lure in front of the redfish as they cruise the shore.

A gold or silver spoon creates great flash.

And a Slam Shady on a jig head will get the job done no matter where you are!

The conditions and where the fish are feeding in the water column will help you determine how heavy of a spoon or jig head to use.

Pro tip: Use waves to your advantage when reeling in fish. Gain line when redfish are in the incoming waves to land them faster!

Here are the links for some of the tackle mentioned:

Here’s my setup for big redfish off the beach:


redfish target zones off the beach

Redfish are much closer than you may think!

You don’t need to cast a country mile for these quality fish and during the late summer months, they’re pretty easy to catch!

You’ll just need to know where to find them, what baits to use, and the best rigs that help you search their feeding zones.

Have any questions about how to catch redfish in the surf?

Got any other tips for landing these fish from the beach?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who wants to catch redfish from the beach, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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1 year ago

Forget it

Last edited 1 year ago by Tony
Rick Brixon
2 years ago

Never heard of crab knuckles before. I would think that is a quarter of a crab.

Micaiah Lindquist
2 years ago

Great Tips! I’m always amazed how shallow in the surf a large bull red will come. I just recenty caught my personal best red (29 lbs 39″) in surf in Alabama on a live blue crab. After a week of 20-35 mph wind and 6’+ surf that kept me from getting a bait far out, I decided to just go ahead and try anyways. My bait landed anout 15 yards out and I hooked up in seconds. I’ve seen 40″ black drum tailing just feet from the sand. It’s all about reading the beach and being in right spot at the right time.

Riley Parkinson
2 years ago

Hi Courtney,
Thanks for the informative video.
My question is regarding fish bites.
I have previously used them surf fishing, but will you explain your method of tipping it on the end of the hook? With its braided durable construction they are slightly difficult to remove from the hook. Are you putting new fishbites on each time you reapply the cut bait?


Jim Knight
2 years ago

What are crab knuckles? Is that a joint on a crab leg?

Gary Hartge
2 years ago

Great video Courtney! I am down in Flagler Beach and about as in the middle as you an get between St. Augustine inlet and Ponce Inlet. Matanzas inlet is in there, but it even that is a good 30 minutes away. I have never caught or seen a redfish in the surf here. Does the proximity to a inlet have an influence on their presence? I catch whiting and pompano (and catfish) and even sharks, but no reds or flounder for that matter. Thanks!

Gary Hartge
2 years ago

Thanks Courtney! My only problem is I can grab a rod and tackle, my beach chair, a cooler, and be on the beach fishing in five minutes walking from my condo! 🙂

Anthony Leopper
2 years ago

Great video and gives me the motivation to go surf fish!

2 years ago

Thanks for the information.

2 years ago

If you have any breakdown on how to create the rigs would appreciate it .
Nice job Courtney!! Thanks

Luke Simonds
2 years ago

Great tips Courtney!


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