Targeting Trout On Points [On-The-Water Tactics]

What are the best tactics for catching speckled seatrout around points?

What should you look for?

Fishing points is one of the best choices you can make because the water is always moving and fish use it as an ambush spot.

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Targeting Trout On Points

You should choose to fish on the side where the wind and water are ripping around the point.

The backside of where you are fishing will be calm and usually filled with baitfish that have been swept around the point.

You need to make multiple casts at the tip of the point because one cast is not enough.

Work your way up the point to make sure you cover every column and depth of the strike zone.

In order to get a more natural presentation, you can cast past the point and reel your lure in with the wind.

You want to bounce your lure along the point twitching it every so often.

A shrimp imitation lure such as the Power Prawn Jr. is an excellent choice for this approach.

Targeting Trout On Points [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

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Amber Lincoln
2 years ago

With wind coming one direction and tide going the other direction, would you fish with the tide? Thanks for all your help….friggin awesome indeed!

Amber Lincoln
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thank you very much!! Happy Happy 2022!!

Danny Kirchenbauer
2 years ago

Hey Tony, thanks for that info. What kind of watch are you wearing?

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

Thanks Tony

Bill Velkly
2 years ago

Enjoying that new boat Tony? Looks like you can cover a lot of water now! Great info!

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

Good stuff Tony!

Great point to make several casts to the same point!

Mario Relvini
2 years ago

Classic ambush point there Tony! As much as the winds can be frustrating they can help locate a good trout bite especially in our area.

2 years ago

Tony, nice and short, and to the point (no pun intended). And you shocked me in the Gheeno! You’re the Kayak man. I did a double take. What brought about the switch up? Just curious. Looks really sweet, too. Best holiday wishes, keep the videos coming!


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