Topwater Tournament Tactics [How I Was Able To Win]


Next time you’re preparing for a tournament, remember these topwater tournament tactics!

Last week, I won the first tournament I ever entered and it was a one-lure tournament.

Check out this awesome catch footage below along with the changes I made that helped me win!!!

Topwater Tournament Tactics [VIDEO]

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Recently, I entered a topwater-only one-lure tournament and came out on top.

However, I did have to make some adjustments and change up my tactics mid-tournament.

I was also out fishing with fellow Fishing Coach Matt Lanier and we thought it would be best to cover different areas in order to dial in on where the most bites are.

My tactic for covering ground when fishing topwater is I make a cast on my left, then center, then on my right, and continue that pattern as I move forward.

This is all in an effort to find out exactly where the fish are staged.

So after I had lost TWO possibly tournament-winning trout, I decided to switch out the rod I was using.

I needed to shift down a power and use a fishing rod with a lighter tip.

Sometimes, if you are using a stiffer fishing rod when fishing topwater, you can pull the treble hooks away from a fish’s mouth.

I figured a Medium-Power rod would help keep those treble hooks buried in the fish’s mouth.

The major factor that helped me win this tournament was slowing the cadence down of my topwater retrieve.

The conditions were slick and barely a hint of wind was scraping the surface of the water.

You have to match your retrieve to the conditions around you to make your lure appear more natural.


It is critical to change things up and let the fish tell you what they want to strike.

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Luke Simonds
4 days ago

Great work with the tournament winning trout!


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