Best Fishing Tips Of The Week: Salt Strong Newsletter (June 16, 2019)

By: Joseph Simonds on June 14, 2019
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inshore grouper

Happy Father’s Day!

As a father, and as someone who’s blessed enough to still have their father around, I’m very thankful for today.

And for those of you who are having a tough time today because your father is not, or never was, around, know that we’re thinking about you and praying for you.

Now, many of you guys reading this are like the stereotypical father and all you want is fishing stuff for Father’s Day…

Well guess what?

We’ve got some awesome fishing tips for you!

Below you’ll find the exclusive Insider tips, the public tips, the Salt Strong podcast episodes, and some conservation tips.


P.S. Want to unlock these exclusive Insider tips? Check out our Insider Club here.

salt strong insider fishing club

Want to unlock these exclusive Insider tips? Check out our Insider Club here.


the salt strong fishing podcast

fishing conservation


Which tip was your favorite from this past week?

Have any specific questions you want us to answer?

Let us know in the comments below!

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roger findley
1 year ago

I am a part time Cape Coral Resident. I have fished the Caloosahatchee River with no success. I know the fish kill of 2018 hurt it a lot but there still has to be fish to find. Do you have any recent footage of fishing my area with success. If so I am your newest member probably will be anyway. It must have structure somewhere that holds decent fish. Also fishing from a pontoon so limited to fishing right next to docks

Garry Joseph Holt
1 year ago

I am not interested in salt water fishing. However I enjoy your bass articles. Sorry for being so narrow minded.