Flats Fishing The Florida Keys (Why It’s Not What Most Anglers Think It Is)


Have you ever gone flats fishing in the Florida Keys before?

If you haven’t, it is surely not what you’d expect!!!

Don’t go to the flats in the Keys if you plan on targeting trout, redfish, or snook!

The Florida Keys are home to exotic and fun fighting fish inshore, nearshore, and offshore.

What works best on the flats: artificial lures or live shrimp?

We’ve got you covered below!!!

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Flats Fishing The Florida Keys [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:30 – Flats Fishing the Keys with Capt. Hollywood
  • 3:28 – Keys Flats Fishing Rigs
  • 5:22 – How To Rig Live Shrimp On Bait Saver Hooks
  • 6:05 – Species that you could catch on the flats
  • 7:01 – Chumming pieces of shrimp
  • 8:34 – Capt. Hollywood’s recent fishing excursions
  • 15:06 – Sitting & Waiting
  • 17:04 – Success with the Power Prawn U.S.A. Jr.
  • 18:02 – Trolling with Mullet
  • 19:31 – Saltwater Intrusion in Florida National Parks
  • 21:28 – Can you catch any trout or snook on the flats in the Keys?
  • 22:36 – FloridaKeysFunFishing.com‘s newest Captain
  • 23:44 – Non-Native Creatures
  • 24:52 – Chumming and the Tides

Flats Fishing The Florida Keys [VIDEO]

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bridge fishing success with all new shrimp lure

The Florida Keys present ideal fishing conditions for those in search of big fish on the flats.

Remember that the Keys are very different from the areas you might fish at home!

If you have the opportunity to do so, check out the Keys for some awesome flats fishing!!!

Do you have any more questions about flats fishing the Florida Keys?

Let us know down in the comments!

And if you’re in the Florida Keys and want to book a trip with Capt. Hollywood and his crew, you can find them at FloridaKeysFunFishing.com.

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Bill Saunders
1 year ago

I thought that if you are not actively fishing with bait (ie just leaving the rod in a rod-holder), one should be using circle hooks, not J hooks, to avoid gut-hooking fish?

Wesley Wiley
1 year ago

What kind of knot did he tie?

Daniel Rutherford
1 year ago

Love this content! Rough day of fishing forsure…
Id go to Cuba for the Bonefish, Corona for the day drink.
Tight lines!


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