How To Use Live Shrimp Under A Popping Cork (On A Windy Day)


Fishing in windy conditions can be downright frustrating.

But if you know how to use live shrimp with a bobber, you can use the wind to your advantage!

So in this video, you’ll learn:

  • What you need to create this type of rig
  • How to rig up the cork
  • The best way to position yourself for using this setup
  • And more.

Check it out below!

Using Live Shrimp Under A Cork [VIDEO]

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We can all agree that the wind can make for frustrating fishing.

And some anglers cancel their trips altogether if it’s too windy.

But using this method will allow you to still get out there and catch some nice fish.

Making The Live Shrimp Rig With A Cork

Here’s what you’ll need:

For the wired popper, you will tie your main line to the top of the wire on the bobber.

On the bottom side of the bobber, you’ll tie your leader line (with the appropriate length) to the bottom of the wire and then to your hook.

Attach the #5 split-shot weight just above the hook.

For the standard cork, you will tie your main line to the leader line using the FG knot.

(Learn how to tie the FG knot here.)

Attach your cork to the leader line and adjust to the appropriate length based on water depth.

Note: The length of your leader will coincide with the depth of the water.

Tie your hook to the leader line and attach the #5 split-shot weight just above the hook.

Hook your shrimp from the bottom of the head through the top of the head behind the eyes but avoiding the organs.

You can also place the hook through the head just underneath the horn.

I highly recommend checking out Underwater Bait Forensics to learn the best ways to rig live shrimp.

Wired Popping Cork vs. Standard Cork

I really prefer the standard cork because it’s a little more forgiving if you want to adjust the leader length or change out completely to artificials.

If you are using the wired popper, you’ll have to cut and re-tie your leader simply to adjust it for water depth changes.

But with the standard cork, you can just move the bobber up or down your leader line to exactly where you want it.

Also, let’s say you wanted to start throwing artificials.

Just remove the standard cork, cut the hook, and tie on a jighead with an artificial lure.

On The Water Tactics: Positioning Your Boat

Position your boat with wind and current in mind.

You’ll need to set up so that the cork drifts away from the boat and over to where the fish are feeding.

If you don’t know which way the current is flowing, the best thing you can do is throw the bobber into the water to see which direction it drifts.

This will give you the best chance of making sure the bait gets to the fish without spooking them.


how to use a live shrimp under a bobber

Using a live shrimp under a bobber is a great way to catch fish even when the conditions are not great on the water.

And it’s relatively inexpensive and pretty simple to put together these rigs.

Have any questions about how to make or use this rig?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you know someone who needs a new technique for fishing in the wind, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Dave - from NH
1 year ago

You didn’t show how you set up for the catch. Are you letting the cork carry the bait for a long distance and then just lock it in the rod holder and wait for the hit? Is there times when you cast out and then pop it back to the boat?

Austin Moon
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave - from NH

Thanks for the comment Dave!! The objective is to drift your bait back until it gets around the structure you are fishing, then you can set the rod in the rod holder if you choose and put another rod out to increase your odds. Normally I will not pop the bobber at all, getting the live Shrimp in the strike zone will normally get the job done just fine, I have also found that sometimes popping the bobber will spook the fish so I do that as a last resort if I’m not getting any strikes to see if I can attract some fish over to the rig that may be nearby!!

Anthony Smith
1 year ago

This video is a great tutorial on how to use a float while fishing. I’ve always been confused how to use the cork float but understand now. I might not catch a lot of fish with this rig, but at least I know how to use it. Great presentation and explanation Austin. I hope you’ll offer more videos.
Major Tony

Austin Moon
1 year ago
Reply to  Anthony Smith

Thank you so much for the awesome comment Anthony, many more videos to come!!

1 year ago

Thanks, Austin, for this info. I’ve never enjoyed fishing with a wired popping cork. Just lately I tried a slip bobber – the type that has push tops/bottoms that grab the line and you can adjust the length. I was placing the bobber on the braid side of the knot. I lost a couple of really good sized fish with this set up because (I think) over time the bottom push was wearing down the knot and braid. My line would break at the knot, which has rarely happened in the past. I will try the setup you’ve suggested — putting the bobber on the leader. Perhaps that will help. I may have to change the type of bobber, too. Again, thanks for the info.

Austin Moon
1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy

Thank you so much Nancy!! I hope you do great!! let us know how you do!!

Willie Dickerson
1 year ago

Austin, I use the same set up useless I have a dedicated rig setup. Positioning is everything when there is a strong current or very windy. Great tips. Enjoyed the video.

Austin Moon
1 year ago

Absolutely Willie!! Thank you so much for the kind comment!!

1 year ago

andy,excellent presentation.another option is using an oval comal cork.this is best placed on braid.the depth is also easily adjusted as with the slit comal the way,i’ve purshased the underwater bait forensics!thanks,jules

Austin Moon
1 year ago
Reply to  jules

Thank you so much Jules!! I’m definitely going to check out those comal corks!! Your going to love the underwater bait forensic’s!!

1 year ago

Great video. Very informative. I haven’t been using the split shot near the hook. Will give that a try.

Austin Moon
1 year ago
Reply to  Gerald

Thank you, Gerald!! I have done it with and without the split-shot and have done great, but tend to have more success with the split-shot, especially on windy days or high current areas!

Bill Poletti
1 year ago

When fishing under a bobber, where is the shrimp hooked? Any particular place? Through the horn? Tail?

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill Poletti


Austin Moon
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill Poletti

Thanks for the comment Bill! Rick is correct, I will usually hook the Shrimp through the head/horn, from bottom to top just before the black spot (brain), just like the photo above!

James Woodmansee
1 year ago

Very nice video Austin! And a great trout!

Austin Moon
1 year ago

Thank you so much James!!

roy noblin
1 year ago

very good video and may i add you can do this with live and dead shrimp or any cut bait. the key is letting it drift past that point and i seldom pop the cork. they are laying in wait. sight and smell is all they need. pop can spook reds and big trout. if no hit then recast letting it drift past the point.

Austin Moon
1 year ago
Reply to  roy noblin

Thank you Roy!! I couldn’t agree more!! If I’m not getting any strikes then I will try popping the cork, but often times it works better when I dont and its less work!!

Jonathan Fortune
1 year ago

Austin. Nice video my ten year old and I will be doing this Sunday 6.30 am around Sanibel area. Was thinking setting up 2 rods off the back with corks and live shrimp, down urgent and wind. then let him cast his paddle tail to the side. Keep him busy! Will let you know how we do. Always enjoy your posts. Thank you.

Austin Moon
1 year ago

Thanks so much Jonathan!! I hope you both did great, sounds like a great plan!!


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